Day 169: More Zombies in Horsham

Ok…they weren’t zombies, they were teenagers again but shhh!

misson 2

Saturday was my second mission for the zombies, run! app…I was sent out to get to know the base and collect some items. What this entailed in real life was running around Horsham park in the dark again and then up and down across the middle to avoid the really badly lit parts. This time in the unlit parts, I narrowly avoided getting run over by some almost invisible (but polite) teenagers on bikes, I ran into a hedge (which was not polite…it was a hedge) and I met a cat which I initially thought could have been a small zombie or monster…it was black and in the dark was tricky to make out! All this made me avoid the really dark bits of the park for the second half of the run…which did mean I ran up and down the paths across the middle like a crazy person a few times…good thing it was dark really πŸ˜€ IMG_2689[1] Β  again it was a better run than I anticipated, I managed to run for 1 more minute than Fridays run and spread the walking / running out more evenly. My over all pace had decreased, despite having to wait so as not to be mown down and being slightly slowed down by a hedge… So all in all I am happy with this, and again I am pleased that I managed to get out and running even though it was dark. AS long as I keep improving, I will be back to my previous form in no time and I think having 3 weeks off has made me more enthusiastic about it πŸ™‚

Day 169 Complete πŸ˜€

My feet…in one of the lit parts of the park…

3 thoughts on “Day 169: More Zombies in Horsham

    1. I haven’t abandoned them :-p

      I just thought, first couple of runs, in the dark no idea what I was going to step on…this wasn’t the time to start practising barefoot(ish) running…also i am not used to them yet.

      but I agree they might scare the zombies…and at least in the dark noone would see them!


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