Day 174 & 175 Kettlebells and walking in the rain.

Good morning 🙂

Sorry about the double post…but the weekend was so exciting that I want to get through my Thursday and Friday backlog  as quick as possible to tell you about it 😀

Without further ado…

Day 174: Thursday 🙂

After the craziness that was Wednesday, and the continuing bleugh feeling that was hounding me like a…hound… I decided that Thursday was a take it a little bit easier day…so I broke out the kettlebells 😀


Here is what I did with them 🙂 (after a 10 min warm up on the stepper)

2 rounds of:

20x kettlebell double handed swing, 5 x clean and press each hand, 5 x snatch each, hand 5 x double handed swing – jump forwards – swing to above head – turn round thingies.

Following this, I did day two on level 1 of the press ups challenge app, at the lower stair level, with 10x backwards lunges per leg in the breaks, then 3 x 10 squats and 3 sets of alternating 10 hip bridges and 10 crunches.

so that was Thursday 🙂 and of course, day 174 complete 😀

now Friday…

Friday was still a bleugh day, I had an appointment with Sophie the sports therapist, to continue fixing my shoulder, which is getting better (woohoo). After this, I didn’t want to go about lifting up heavy things to undo the good work she had just put in, and I didn’t want to do anything too extravagant which would extenuate the bleughness and potentially jeopardise the awesomeness of Saturday!  So in an attempt to clear the bleughness from my system and make some progress to Mordor, I went for a walk!

I took myself off to the downs link path and went for a 3.5 km walk, it would have been longer…but half way through I needed the loo (is that oversharing? possibly…oh well..)

It was quite a nice walk, I met a few dogs, and a squirrel who seemed not to be plotting anything, just squirreling along 🙂 I also met a very tame robin who looked at me for some time from a tree branch close to my head 😀

I went for 3.5 km as I said, it took me 41 ins according to the moves app…I attempted to collect more data about this but runkeeper failed me…possibly due to the particularly sketchy signal around the downs link it paused…and didn’t unpause…but according to some fairly basic calculations, I was going at 5.1 km/h which is not too bad a pace…especially considering the boots…and the stopping to photograph the boots and stopping to talk to a robin…

yes, I photographed the boots…of course I did!

purple flamey boots
here they are, and here I am walking…although I actually wasn’t walking…I had to stop to photograph this, the experimentation with walking and photographing your own feet leads to blurry photos and me walking into hedges…

Any how, that was Friday, me and a bleugh reducing breath of fresh air, and rain…did I mention I got soggy on this walk? well I did, but it was ok, it was on the way back!

I remained determined to actually rest when I needed it, and so I resisted the temptation to do more exercises when I got home, it is a step forward in the “listening to my body” department…and I did way a walk would count, as long as it was a deliberate walk 😀

so day 175 complete 😀

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