Day 181: The best laid plans and all that…

Plan-A-B-C3I had a plan…It was a really good plan…

Until I discovered I had forgotten my headphones…

Ok..I’ll start earlier in the plan…although to be honest you can probably guess what happened…but I am going to tell you the story any way 😀

As I said, I had a plan…It started with a walk at lunchtime…so far so good…

Walk I did, I went off for a little march around my usual walking routes, I met a tiny tiny dog, possibly the smallest dog I have seen in a while. I also met a squirrel, he was very startling…a squirrel at about 1 meter away from your head is a surprising thing! I don’t know exactly how far I went, but I think it was about 3 km and it took about 25 mins. I know this is sadly lacking in my usual tracking app based data, but my phone was having a run out of battery and not take charge moment and I had to turnoff most of my apps O_o

I did manage to play the next episode in the Walk app mind you, it was a challenge based scouting mission where I had to find as many sentries as possible in 24 hours 😉 It involved 74 mins of walking.

So that part of the plan was ok…the next part was to go for a run after work, I had packed my kit, fixed my phone so I could run from zombies, and I headed off to the gym to get changed and go for a run around the park… I managed the first part…I got to the gym got changed…


as I was getting the last bits sorted I noticed that I hadn’t got my headphones…after several turnings out of my handbag I remembered they were in my trouser pocket from the day before 😦

This caused a good deal of sitting in the changing rooms trying to formulate a new plan…

I decided to go to tescos, as I needed to buy food anyway, pick up some cheap headphones which I can also leave in the car for emergencies then run around the paths near tescos…



But somehow between my going into tescos and getting out again which was only about 20 mins…all the rain decided to start falling…not just light, I can still run in this rain but torrential I am getting soaked between tescos and the car sort of rain…

So I went home..and did this:

15 mins on the mini stepperplank
The next day’s workout on the press up trainer (on the lower step) with aerobic leg curls in the breaks.
3 x 10 squats setted with  3 x 10 (per leg) lunges
3 x 45s planks

it was not quite the same as the run I was planning, but it was something 😀

Day 181 Complete 🙂



8 thoughts on “Day 181: The best laid plans and all that…

  1. I have been doing a lot of improvising the past couple of days myself, Sam. A massive ice storm hit Toronto Saturday night, and I’ve been without power for 42+ hours. I’m presently at my mother-in-law’s, stealing a quick hot shower and some internet, while I power up my cell phone. I’m very grateful I have a bunch of body-weight exercises and circuits I can do at home. Very frustrating. And with respect to best laid plans… Xmas dinner, planned for my house, has now been decided will be at my mom’s. They are saying it could be Friday before I get power back at my house. 😦
    If you don’t get a lot of activity from me (likes/comments) it’s because I don’t have connectivity. I’ll come around and catch up as soon as this crappy situation sorts itself out.


    1. Eeeeeek that sounds awful! I hope it sorts it’s self out soon!
      Well done for carrying on exercising improvisation or not!
      We have a biggish storm which is not that bad but our power keeps going out too, hopefully it will blow its self out soon though xx


      1. I’m more stressed by the fact that none of my xmas baking got done (save and except for the one batch I made after the kitchen disaster last week). That and having to move xmas dinner to my mom’s. My nerves are frayed. This too shall pass…


      2. Eeek! I can understand the stress! I am at the in laws for Christmas and the my dad’s after so there is less baking to be done this year 🙂 two cheesecakes and some cinnamon rolls will happen tomorrow 🙂


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