Day 183: Wooah We’re halfway there..

halfway there bon joviWoooh we’re half way there-er
Wooah living on a prayer,
take my hand and we can make it I swear-er
Wooah living on a prayer,

Seriously…I have been waiting half a year to make that reference!!

Yes…Really! I decided on the name for my half way post right at the start!

And…day 183 is the half way point! πŸ˜€

Yep that’s right, on Saturday the 21st December 2013, I had officially done exercise every day for half a year! πŸ˜€

It hardly seems possible! day 14 doesn’t seem long ago!

just in case you hadn’t already got the message…

SO what did I do to Β mark this momentous day…

I went to the gym of course!

(and later I went to see the new Hobbit Movie…but the less said about that the better…)

While in the gym, I decided to do the program Matt gave me…you know, the one with hands stands on it and trx pikes and such…

New, supplementary, program
this one…

yes…that one…

The prescribed amount is…5 reps of each for 3 – 5 sets.

I worked through it as a circuit, all the way through then repeat as many times as possible (between 3 and 5) I managed 3 sets before I was broken…It is a lot harder than it looks this program!

It is awesome though, I like it and it gives me room for improvement!

in fact there was already improvement over last time as I did the battle rams, dive bombers (well some of them) on my feet, and the pikes on my hands rather than my elbows πŸ™‚

so all in all a pretty good half way point πŸ˜€

wooah oh we’re half way there-er…

sorry…it get in my head!

So … Day 183 Complete… πŸ˜€ woohoo πŸ˜€

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