Day 184: Make it up Sunday

Super-SundaySunday is Pilates day… you know this, I have mentioned it before…probably every Sunday since blogging began (my blogging…on this blog anyway)


Dues to some sort of upcoming celebration this week’s class was canceled *rolls eyes*

So I decided to do my Pilates DVD…but it wouldn’t run on the DVD player…so I decided to run it on the laptop…which blue-screened twice…so I downloaded and app…which only gave me six minutes before I had to pay for more segments…

pilatesso… after I did the six mins of the “New Pilates” app Legs and core, I basically went through every Pilates exercise I could remember from the class and did 10-12 reps of each one. 😀 it turned out to be a pretty good work out in the end, not as good as actually going to the class but it worked and came to about 45 mins in the end 😀

So…Day 184 complete 🙂

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