Day 196: It is definitely January

I know I should be pleased that there are lots of people attempting to start new habits, and improve their health and such like. I should be pleased that there are so many people out there committing to getting fit.

I am not.

The  antisocial person in me likes my gym emptier, in short, I am happy for everyone to become healthy and fit and active, as long as it does not mean I have to compete with people to use stuff…

I am aware of how that makes me sound… but it is the truth.

my feet and a TRX
In case you hadn’t guessed I went to the gym on Friday evening, and I encountered more people than I anticipated…

I have the advantage of finishing work at 1615 on a friday so I managed to get in before a lot of people, meaning it was about average when I arrived and I managed to bag a TRX once I had warmed up! I stayed there too…I didn’t move, I just worked my way 3 times through my program watching the gym get busier and busier, with inductions and program setting and people in general…

TRX and beyond
TRX and beyond

By the time I had done my program there was not a machine / free weight / trx free in the place! I had intended to do some freeweight training after my trx based program…but there was not a chance I was getting near the freeweights in sensible time so I called it a day. to be honest, 3 times through this program still wipes me out anyway…I am determined to get to 4 soon but I am still shaking on the last go through!

It was a good end to a friday, despite the plethora of people. I think however, I am going to have to (somehow) make myself get there in the mornings for a while to stand a chance of finding some free space!

Day 196 Complete 😀

11 thoughts on “Day 196: It is definitely January

  1. I don’t like a busy gym either. Fortunately, since I work from home 3 days of the week, I can go during the day when most people are at work and work when everyone else has to fight for gym space.

    Don’t worry, most of them will have given up in a month or 2. Keep up the fantastic work. Not long now until day 365.


    1. I envy the working from home thing, if I had a ling enough lunchbreak I would go to the gym then, but it is only 45 mins and that doesn’t leave me enough time with travelling to it and changing at both ends…I will just have to attempt mornings :-S

      Thank you 😀 I can’t believe I am over half way through!!


  2. It’s the month of January that makes me grateful for a home-gym with elliptical, free weights, a bowflex and workout DVDs. By Feb it’ll all be back to normal and I can go back to the gym without wanting to assassinate people. 🙂


      1. my problem is I like to do different things too often, I’d have to buy too much stuff!

        mind you, if I am going to train people free lance, I will need equipment…this sounds like an awesome excuse to me!


  3. I completely understand that feeling! In fact, instead of trying to compete with people trying to stick to their brand new resolutions (which I hope they DO, but know most won’t…) I’ve adapted my routine to be one that can be done in my garage with just bodyweight resistance. Maybe that would be beneficial for you too– atleast til the crowds dissipate in a month or two.

    Either way, you’ve been a great inspiration! Thanks for sharing your journey!


    1. I am trying out mornings because it is quieter and doing more running because resolutions or not, very few people like to run in the weather we are having at the moment!

      I am so pleased you find it inspiring, it always amazed and surprises me when someone says that 🙂 thank you x


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