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Day 199: Waterproof boots and triumphant return to body pump

Yesterday I learned that my New rock boots are waterproof 😀



here they are, in a puddle on my lunchtime walk…I was pretty sure they were waterproof before i ventured in to the puddle, but it is good to be sure! For the record…this was she shallow end of the puddle…at the deep bits it came over the top of the flames! It was a nice, of soggy walk, and I went 2.5 km in 40 mins.

well that was lunchtime…

Next on the exercise agenda for the day was body pump…

And I can tell you this…it is definitely January!!


Since the class started in September, I have never seen Body Pump so full! there were 2 rows of people and everything! It has even been as empty as 6 people in the past…however, it is January, there were new faces, old faces, lack of faces (not people with no faces that would be weird…what I meant was my friends didn’t come with me…) and generally many people all around!

I enjoyed the class more than I was before Christmas too, it was both harder and more fun than I remembered…maybe I had just got too used to it before and need a break from it. It was still mainly the old release with a couple of the new tracks thrown in for variety, I like the new chest track, it is all with the bar and pretty good :-). Apart from the warm up, I stayed with the weights I was using before christmas as I thought it was not time to start changing things when I hadn’t been for a couple of weeks and it seemed to work pretty well, although I suspect I will have to increase then again soon! Oh and I went in my hobbit feet…I am beginning to really like them…although they still make lunges tricky (more tricky…)

The other thing I noticed, is that it was nice to start getting back into a routine, Body pump is the thing I do on a Monday, and if it isn’t there I have to think about what to do, and having to decide on the day, every day makes it harder to do sensible exercise!

Maybe I should start planning my weeks workouts…


I’ll let you know if I do…but for now…

Day 199 complete 😀



  1. Planned routines have pros and cons, I find. On the plus side, they take the guesswork out of it, as you said — you know what you’re doing on a Monday. On the minus side, it can get too routine/boring. But, I suspect that if you keep it to Pump on a Monday, Dance on a Wednesday, Pilates on a Sunday, etc., then you’re still getting a lot of variety in there, while having the structure of a schedule. makes sense to me!


  2. The only thing I find about a routine is that it’s easier to beat yourself up if you miss a session, or to start thinking ‘oh I didn’t go Friday I must go Saturday to make up for it’. Sometimes (only sometimes!) sits ok to skip a session and it brings you back stronger and more motivated – just don’t get angsty about it!!!!


  3. You were right about something…weights are far better than the long cardio routines, and I have begun to take your advise. What’s more was the visible toning and weight loss. Following your blogs is like having my own personal trainer around..too bad i’m a bit late, but I hope to catch up


    • 😀 thank you I am glad you find it interesting!

      I am glad you are beginning to see results too 😀 endless hours on the treadmill is demoralising, unless you really enjoy that type of thing!


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