Extra: Challenge Updates

Good afternoon πŸ™‚

I thought it was about time I gave you some updates on the challenges I keep taking up!

Firstly: the 100 push ups challenge.
This one is not actually going as fast as it a) should be 2) I planned. However, I am happy with my progress. I took up the challenge unable to do a complete full press-up on my toes…In fact I was much further from it than I thought. So I was doing incline press ups. I still am but I have moved down a step om my stairs and started the challenge again. when I get to a reasonable number at this level. I will move down another step. I am considerably better at press ups than I was so I am happy πŸ˜€

Second: Walking to Mordor
See that little red line there on the map…that is how far I have got! See Mordor all the way over there on the right…that is where I have to get to. Yes I know, it looks crazy! It also looks like I have gone no distance at all…but that little red line there is actually 231 miles! I have walked / danced / run 231 mile since November, not too bad, but still a long long way to Mordor! Nothing for it but to carry on though, there is a ring that needs destroying and a world to save after all!
mordor update

As you can see, some of my fellowship is progressing faster than others, I am not in the lead any more, which has set of my competitive spirit and I am doing my level best to catch up! I am walking every lunchtime, whether I remember to put it in my daily updates or not. Unless there is a torrential downpour, I go out for a walk. I am aiming for Rivendell (458 miles) before easter!

Project progress in General!
First and foremost I feel so much better it is hard to express! I can now run for multiple minutes and go for 4 km with very few walk breaks. I can Dance 13+ dances in a row without falling over, I can do more than one dance in a row at a Dance out in a mask without falling over and I can keep up with the springy fast people a lot of the time!
I can do TRX pikes, I can do cartwheels I can almost do handstands and I have enough confidence to believe that someone somewhere might take me seriously as a personal trainer one day!
Although weight loss wasn’t my primary goal…of course it was something I wanted…and I can say that I have now lost exactly 2 stone (28lbs or 12.7kg)

and while I am not doing progress phtos as routine, I thought It might be worth one now…Although a huge part of me can only see how far I have still got to go, I am nevertheless proud of myself!
progress copy

I apologise Β for the December photo, it is the best I have at the moment…

8 thoughts on “Extra: Challenge Updates

  1. Incredible progress…congrats!

    Wha—-?? 100 push ups? You don’t mean in a row, do you? Same as you, I challenged myself at the beginning of last year when I was unable to do even one standard “plank” push up. I was outraged – haaha!! I’ve slowly worked my way up to doing a few sets. 100 is mind blowing – more power to you!


  2. Well done! That’s some awesome progress. I think we have to celebrate the little milestones, not just the big ones – the big journey is made up of little steps.


    1. Thank you πŸ˜€ and thank you for following me πŸ™‚

      You are absolutely right about celebrating the small goals! And this is definitely made up of small steps! Every run, every crazy PT session and even every home body weight exercise gets me one step closer to my goal πŸ˜€


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