Day 208: Wednesday wassail practice

Good afternoon 🙂

Of course it was dancing yesterday…dancing and fun and all sorts of excitement. We were, as well as the normal practice activities of dancing and teaching dances and suchlike we were practicing for a Wassail that we have been asked to lead on Sunday.  This is only the second wassail (or Cider Howl) we have led and this year we are doing it a little differently. We are incorporating dance into the ceremony its self to make the whole thing more mythago-ish. I will let you know how it goes after Sunday 🙂

Standing Stones
Practicing the wassail words
The other good thing that happened at last nights practice, was the welcome return of our Squire Andy, who has been absent for replacement parts. That is him, up there, reading the wassail words 🙂

The dances I did last night are:

Raggle Taggle Gypsy (x2 +walk)
Standing Stones
Avebury Ring
Foul Mouth Cat (with accidental flying stick episode :-))
Fanny Frail

it was a whole lot of fun as normal 😀 and I actually remembered to take pictures!

Day 208 complete 🙂


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