Day 209: New toy!

I have a new toy…those of you who follow my facebook page had a sneak preview…


Look! Loooook! I have a TRX!! I am very excited about it πŸ™‚

So excited that I have excited feet πŸ˜€ (this is hard to explain…lets just say I am excited :-D)

I have been using one of these at the gym for a while as you know, which is why I am fairly sure it is not a one exercise fits none money making crazy fad…
They are expensive mind you…Not a money making crazy fad, but TRXare still a business after all…

However, mine came as a brand new unopened in a sealed box TRX Professional Kit from the lovely world that is ebay…and therefore at less than half advertised price…woohoo not only awesome but a bargin!

Shhhh don’t tell the TRX people!!

Mind you, I guess someone bought it from them in the first place…

Still its awesome and I love it!! (have I mentioned that?)

I opened it up and figured out all the clippy whatsits and different methods of anchoring it to places and decided that short of hang in the garden from a tree in the torrential rain over very soggy muddy ground, my only option was to investigate the door anchor! A very clever device with only one drawback for dodgy Victorian doors, but we will come to that later…


look there it is all hung up on the e back of my kitchen door πŸ™‚

I made my self warm up before TRX-ing because apparently this is what you have to do, and in my infinite wisdom I chose to run(ish) up and down my stairs 10 times. This, it turns out, is much harder than it sounds, my staircase is very steep! (so steep that modern building regs wouldn’t allow it to be built)

So suffice to say, I was warm! and then got on with trx-ing (yes, that is a verb…it works perfectly well in a sentence so there!…. no I am not making it up!)

Anyhow…this is what I did:
3×5 narrow armed chest presses, 3×5 inverted low rows, 3×5 standing roll outs Β as a circuit.
3×5 single leg squats (per leg) 3×5 squat-muscle ups as a circuit.
3×5 chest fly/press ups (one arm of each alternating) 3×5 Mountain climbers
2×10 squat jumps, 2×10 reverse flys
I attempted to set up for pikes, nudged the door with my foot and caused the trx to fall down and land on me and me narrowly miss out on falling on my face!

yep…it was that point I discovered the drawback with my dodgy Victorian doors…

Well this door in particular does not latch shut.

It closes, and traps the door anchor as it should, and all the time you are pulling away from the door you are pulling it more shut so the whole thing is good and sturdy. As soon as you have to put your feet near the door, or touch the door, it swings open and the TRX falls down! This is only a temporary drawback, I will figure out a way round it…I’ll keep you posted!

So my attempts to do pikes thwarted, I decided to call it a day and lay on my foam roller for a while πŸ˜€

So it is official, I now have the capacity to work out as hard at home as I do at the gym…remind me again who thought this was a good idea? πŸ˜€

Day 209 complete (with a new TRX) πŸ˜€









15 thoughts on “Day 209: New toy!

  1. Awesome! I thought about getting a TRX for home but decided against it. My house is too small and we have flimsy 1960s doors which all close into the hall or kitchen – no space for working out there – or on to the landing at the top of the stairs – I can’t even put a small exercise mat on there. Decided I’d just have to use the ones at the gym instead.


    1. It really is awesome πŸ™‚ this is the only door we have that opens in the right direction through all the others would have me working out (like you) in the corridor or at the top of the really steep staircase!
      I am going to put a bar up in the garden for the summer though πŸ™‚


  2. Ooh I am so jealous! I use one at the gym, love it so much. I’m a bit nervous of all of the fancy exercises that some people do – suspending their feet in the air, and doing pushups with their hands etc. Looks scary :-p but I think I’d feel way more confident at home!
    Is there any risk of it breaking your door at all? That would be my fear as well!


    1. I don’t think there is, especially if your door closes properly. As long as you hang it so that any thing you do pulls the door closed!

      I used to be scared oct the ones whee you put your feet in and the first time I tried it I fell down because my core strength was so bad, but now I can do quite a lot!


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