Day 213: Tricep Triumph!

At Body Pump last night I had a minor triceps triumph! I managed to do all of the tricep dips for the first time ever!! I also did half of the tricep press ups on my toes! This both pleased and surprised me 😀

Now, I am aware that it i only the 21st (or the 20th yesterday when I made this observation…) but it would seem that the first flush of new years resolutioners have already dwindled…


I am (or course) not judging at all…It could just be a conincidence…people might be back next week…

I hope they are…It is no good to give up after 2 weeks! I really want to believe people will be back!

But as I said, yesterday it was back to the hard core participants who never (or rarely) miss a week.

Anyway back to the point…

the point is I went to Body pump and I enjoyed it as far as you can enjoy something that makes you do 100s or reps of things! I didn’t go crazy on my weights this week, I made sure I had a weight that I can do all the reps in a track properly. I pretty much reverted to what I was using 2 weeks ago before I put them up last week. It is against my general principle but I could do so little last week that I decided I would be better off concentrating on form and reps for a week and then put the weights up gradually. I will start next week by putting them up on one track but carefully as it is the new release next week!

I feel slightly like it was a cop out…but I know it wasn’t really, I still use more weight than most of the class so it was definitely a good work out. I am starting to enjoy body pump more again which is good, and I am looking forward to the new tracks next week 😀

Day 213 Complete 🙂

8 thoughts on “Day 213: Tricep Triumph!

  1. I noticed the gym was a lot emptier when I went in yesterday too. My trainer could actually find the 4 kg kettlebells he was looking for last week, except we didn’t need them yesterday.

    I agree with you, as much as I like an emptier gym it is a shame that those who join as part of the New Year resolution group rarely make it to the end of January. Better to make these changes mid-way through the year or when you aren’t aiming for an event like Summer or Christmas dresses.

    Glad you took your weights down again. Better to be safe and take them up when your body has recovered from the break it had over Christmas. It’s amazing how much strength you lose by having a couple of weeks away from it.

    OK, I’ll stop now. This comment is getting away from me 😛


    1. 😀 my comments do that all the time!

      That is what I thought about the weights, I would rather do the whole class than miss out half of it because I over estimated my weights!


  2. Not a cop out at all Sam. I think you need to look at BP class for what it is: loads and loads of reps, which means you will use lighter weights than if you were just out doing regular lifting on your own.

    I used to see a small handful of people in class (mostly men, sorry to generalize) who went quite heavy, but their form absolutely sucked. And, on top of that, they couldn’t keep up with the rhythm/pace of the track. Which makes me question why bother taking the class. if you’re going to do way less reps/go slower because you’re lifting so heavy, why not just go to the main part of the gym and do your own thing? God I’m a feisty one today. 🙂

    Anyway, I think focusing on max reps at perfect form is key, and whatever weight allows you to do that, while still challenging you, is the best way. My two cents.


    1. 🙂 I am glad you agree as that is what I decided…I missed quite a lot out last week by upping my weights in places and it wasn’t worth it…I don’t want to do it without good form that is pointless and the road to injury!
      I am going to see how the new release is and assess the situation 😀


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