Day 214: A lot of Tuesday morning was spent upside down…

Well…not *a lot* I suppose, but certainly more than you might expect!

Well…possibly not more than you might expect if you have read about my PT sessions before, but more than you might expect for a “normal person” who does “normal things”

Yes…the quotes are definitely warranted…normal is a very subjective thingywhatsit and I am not sure most people would believe it includes doing handstands and headstands at 7am on a Tuesday… Β However a discussion on the perception of normal is not what I set out to write…

I set out to write a description of this morning’s awesome PT session!

We started off with a warm up…we always start with a warm up especially when it is as freezing as it was this morning! then all this happened:

we didn’t actually do all of this…
well not all of it, some of it didn’t fit in to the time available…

firstly on the mat two rounds of 5 of each, dive bombers, which I managed to do all on my toes, not on my knees at all (woohoo for progress) then side to sides…which things in which you hold plan position and move your self from side to side (sounds obvious really when put like that…) I did these on my knees, with my arms slightly bent…because it was harder that way!

Then battle rams (we all know what they are by now don’t we…)

Next press up into 1 arm extensions…basically, on you toes (and arms obviously) do a press up then twist to one side and put one arm up in the air. Then repeat on the other side…like

1 arm thing

<—- this, only with a press up in between the plank bit and the one arm up bit…

I was relatively surprised that I could so this without too much collapsing, in fact no collapsing at all just doing the exercise as requested πŸ˜€

Then some trx craziness ensued… awesome things like:
Baby muscle ups (where you still use your feet a little to help…albeit less than my arms would like) with your feet and body directly under the trx,
Chin ups, from squat position, on tiptoes again so you don’t use your legs too much.
Seated leg raises, which are a bit like a v sit only you hold on to the trx at the same time…although the trx didn’t seem to help at all…

Crow hold: like this but less elegant and successful!

Then more things on the floor (and some on the trx), including:
The crow hold, or actually, one rep of almost a crow hold followed by two instances of me not believing I could take my feet off the floor and not fall over!
Handstand as stated before, to increase my awesome quota..and I held it for about 30s this time, which is ages longer than before πŸ˜€
trx pikes, 5x normal, 5x with hip abduction at the same time, and then a variation which involved having 1 foot in the trx and going up into a pike, then bringing your other leg over your head so you start to have split legs… only this proved unsuccessful with the trx, but more successful with Matt holding the foot that should have been in the trx strap!
Either before, or after all that I did a tripod headstand again, I found it easier again than last week…this must be that progress thing that people talk about!

(I quite wanted to spent the rest of the morning doing headstands after all this but decided that my office thinks I am strange enough is it is)

and a forward roll, i did a forward roll, a body hollow hold and some bridges.

that was it for floor/trx work it was time to balance up my front shoulder work with some kettlebell thoracic extensions and some external rotations on the cable machine and a small amount of confusion over what the many tying some elastic to the trx was doing…

that last bit wasn’t technically an exercise…and it turned out he was doing assisted pull ups…

Just in case you think this is enough for one session, we rounded off the day with a short session of thai boxing πŸ˜€ We worked on a long combo…well a longish combo it was early and we didn’t want to get confused and end up getting hit. Matt also made me practice punching while going backwards… backwards!! honestly backwards, not a natural thing at all for an aggressive inside fighter such as myself! Coming forwards, now that I can do πŸ˜€

Did I mention this was an awesome PT session? Well it was…

Day 214 complete :-D…well complete apart from the walk I went on at lunchtime, which was very pleasant and looked like this:

12 thoughts on “Day 214: A lot of Tuesday morning was spent upside down…

    1. Thank You πŸ˜€
      the advantage to what I do, is as it is part of Personal Training, and we do it as part of gymnastic type training, I don’t have to deal with the bits of Yoga that I am too cynical for!


      1. If it was more than 1 second thats awesome and inspiring! I kinda want to try it now and measure the gap of time before my face hits the ground πŸ™‚


      2. hehe πŸ™‚ I think it might have been 2 seconds…and I landed back on my feet so that is good…

        unfortunately I was then too scared to try again!

        i also quite want to try it now…but I am in the office…so probably shouldn’t!


      3. Yeah I’m in the office too they would find it odd if i tried but probably enjoy the utter failure lol and 2seconds is twice as awesome πŸ™‚


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