Day 215: Excess energy

Good morning 🙂

I was unexpectedly burdened with excess energy yesterday evening 🙂

I say unexpectedly because yesterday morning started out with a considerable amount of “oh goodness why am I so tired I can hardly move”! Thankfully this went away and the dancing could commence 😀

Learning Hunting Dance
Dancing that looked like this, although technically this is standing as we were learning a new dance (well new to me). But there was dancing…very soon after that. Also note…a picture that actually has me in it for once, and a lovely back view, which only serves to remind me that I still have a way to go. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very proud of my achievements but it is good to remember occasionally that I am not there yet! I so much fitter than I look now it is annoying!
OK…Positive head back on again…Dancing was awesome! I got to learn some new dances; Hunting Dance, which is one of the dances that always comes up in a story but there is not quite enough time for me to learn, and Changeling, which is a dance I tried once before and couldn’t get the hang of the sheepskin reel…which yesterday seemed a lot simpler than I remember 😀 make me wonder why I hid from this dance for so long! So all in all this was an excellent practice 😀 I like learning new things, especially new things that seemed hard once and now are not so hard 😀

There were a couple of dances I wasn’t in this evening because we needed to sort out a couple of things for the dance out I unfortunately won’t be at. I did not let this deter me mind you, I twizzled about and did shuttle runs up and down the side of the hall

no, not where the dancers were dancing…that would have been distracting 😀

yes, people did think I was odd…but no odder than they already thought I was, and they are pretty tolerant of oddness 😀 (thank goodness!)

The dances I did were:
Hunting Dance (+walk)
Raggle Taggle Gypsy (+walk x2)
Maiden Castle
Avebury Ring
Our Henry
Changeling (+walk + extra ending reel x2)

The running I did was…round and round the hall in between dances and up and down the side like a crazy person 😀

yes…running up and down like a crazy person is a valid form of exercise!!

It was all good fun and…

Day 215 Complete 😀

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