Day 217: Fun on a Friday

good morning people πŸ™‚

Friday…the day of the early finish, is also (as I may have mentioned before) the day of the getting into the gym before the hoards!

This Friday was no exception…

After work I made my way to the gym, where my tendency to faff about and check my messages / facebook etc before I leave the car saved me from a parking fine πŸ˜€ (ok…I did have to pay for parking but it was cheaper than a fine!). The parking ticket checking man came round when I was still sitting in the car and asked me if I had just arrived…I said yes, went and bought a ticket and all was well πŸ˜€

Woohoo…no fine!

The gym was empty enough not to be unpleasant so that was ok..and the two girls who appeared to be doing nothing but sitting chatting by the trx had gone by the time I had finished my warm up so I didn’t have to get cross…

This was all very good…then I learned that my “why is this trx all twisted and tangled” face is easily mixed up with a “I have no idea what I am doing face” I got accosted by a member of staff while I was attempting to sort the trx straps out and asked if I was ok, and if I needed any help with anything…

for some reason I took this as an insult and started to get annoyed…

Then I remembered that I was being ridiculous and just said no thank you and got on with my program…

You remember my program…

the one with a trx / core /shoulder blitz craziness…

program2<———Β Β you know the one that has all these things in!

My indignation (possibly only in my head) atΒ being confused with a gym newbie soon evaporated in the face of the hard work!

I went through my program 3 times…it is still a killer! and I haven’t been for a week so I think my shoulders forgot about the pain! They have remembered now!!
I added on to the end of my program again, because as I think I have mentioned, my shoulders and upper body (and core) have just about had it at the end, but there is still life in my legs, so I added on:

single leg squat2×10 trx squats
2×10 (per leg) single leg squats
1x 10 baby muscle ups

It was all good fun πŸ™‚ and a nice way to round off a Friday πŸ™‚

It is amazing how quickly you forget about your working week when you are concentrating on staying vertical and upside down πŸ™‚

Day 217 Complete πŸ˜€

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