Day 218: The large man who gave me a massage at a knitting show

Well…there was this man, hanging out at the knitting/craft show, and he was after a challenge…so I made him massage my shoulders…

What? that is not enough information for you? Really?

Ok then…
There is a company that provides freelance (qualified) massage people to provide massages to people who have attended an event, in this case the knitting and stitching show.

mobile massageAs we walked by, a very tall man asked if we wanted a massage, I considered it, as my shoulders / neck ect were very stiff after everything I have been doing recently. But we said we would come back later. My friend Sally talked me into it, because she has, in the past, witnessed a person try to massage my shoulders only to give up declaring that I am made of rock…

So after a while and some deliberation we returned and asked if he wanted a challenge…he said yes but didn’t look like he believed I would be that much of a challenge.

He was wrong!

After 10 mins of poking and prodding and things that involved him putting his whole weight on me (according to my friends who were watching in amusement) and generally putting in a lot of effort… He conceded that I was a challenge, and also mentioned that I was very strong and had good core strength…I have no idea at all how massage people know these things…but yeay anyway!

I walked away feeling much better which lasted until I got home…

when I ruined the whole thing by doing the level 2 work out of the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (with the previously mentioned kettlebells).


I might have mentioned level 2 before, I don’t know that it is actually harder than level 1, it is just different… there are different compound movements and different moves to master. This may be a side effect of all the other stuff I am doing. Don’t get me wrong, I know I have worked out when I do this, it is not *easy* by any means. I may just have been doing a lot more planks recently than I ever thought I would and consequently the high plank content of level 2 is not so much of a shock to the system!

It was a good work out nonetheless and it fitted nicely in between, walking around the show for a couple of hours and going to a Burns Night celebration and eating (vegetarian) haggis and watching some good friends get very dunk on whiskey πŸ™‚ (I was the driver…)

No…I am not a vegetarian…but my brain was not having any of it when I tried to make it allow me to eat meat haggis…

Day 218 complete

2 thoughts on “Day 218: The large man who gave me a massage at a knitting show

  1. My gym back in Toronto actually started offering Jillian Michael’s Body Shred group classes late last summer. I didn’t like the group class at all, preferring the video instead. Weird, that. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, it’s awesome you are still rockin it and interspersing it with your other great workouts.


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