Day 221: The PT that wasn’t…

It was Tuesday yesterday wasn’t it?

Yes…I know…How could it have been any other day with a start like that one!


I may have mentioned before that Tuesdays are rubbish…well yesterday had a few characteristics that made it without a doubt…a Tuesday!

(yes…ok…it wasn’t actually that bad, I just wanted to post the I hate Tuesdays cat again because I liked him! shhh!)

Ok…so what was bad about this Tuesday…well it started with PT…

No, of course I didn’t have a bad PT session, and I haven’t started disliking hard work all of a sudden…

alright sorry, I’ll get to the point!

There was a slight miscommunication based around the inability of iPhones to send messages properly, or the network around my house being crappy or something. I am unsure about the actual cause of said communications breakdown, but it transpired that I thought I had confirmed PT but Matt didn’t get the confirmation text I sent until after the (non)PT session had ended…

what ever the reason, it resulted in me standing around at the edge of the gym looking lost, confused and slightly worried for about 15 mins before going and getting on with what turned out to be a pretty good work out 🙂 which consisted of this:

000stuff10 mins warm up amt
3 x 10 trx mountain climbers
5 x battle rams
5 x dive bomber press ups
3 x 5 trx baby muscle ups
3 x 5 trx plank pikes (1 x 5 with hip abduction)
1 x 5 trx jack knifes
2 x 10 vipr squats (20 kg)
2 x 10 vipr Romanian deadlifts (20 kg)
20 x plank jacks
2 x 5(per side) plank rows (9kg)
2 x 10 alternating trx chest fly / chest press
2 x sets of alternating 1 armed planks (10s both, 10s R, 10s L, 10s both)
2 x 20s tripod headstand ( I am getting good at headstands now 🙂 )

These things were done as super-sets and circuits as I remembered so as not to sit about resting at all. For example the mountain climbers and muscle ups were a super set and the vipr squats and deadlifts were a super sets…you get the gist of it I am sure 🙂

And that was Tuesday…the plus side of this is that I (accidentally) achieved my goal of getting up in the morning to go to the gym.

shhh yes I know it wasn’t purely self motivated…shhh!

The other thing that happened on this Tuesday was that at 4:30 pm I caught a cold. well I probably caught it a couple of days earlier, but that is when the symptoms began to manifest! I was really glad I had made it to the gym in the morning 😀

So day 221 complete 😀

PS Tuesday didn’t really turn out so bad after all 🙂


7 thoughts on “Day 221: The PT that wasn’t…

  1. Headstands! I’m impressed! I remember doing them as a kid but now, I don’t think I would like them as much. I think I would spent more time on the ground. How did you get the courage to just do it? And how do you manage to stay up!?


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