Day 222: Why Wednesday did not feel like Wednedsay


When is a Wednesday not a Wednesday?

When it feels like a Tuesday that’s when!

Not in an “I hate Tuesdays” way (thank goodness!) But in a I had PT this morning it must be Tuesday way.

Yes, that was a confusing way to start a blog post but it was a confusing way to start the day so it makes it fair! I like to spread the confusion around as much as I can πŸ˜€


My PT session was (of course) awesome! I might have to come up with a new adjective to describe it but for now awesome is the one I am going with…
It was slightly less crazy than normal due to my Tuesday cold which had annoying ly decided to be worse even though it was Wednesday! However it was still pretty tricky and was at least 50% leg orientated, we even started with leg work as Matt always plans it and we rarely remember to do it…and by remember, I mean have time to.

After warming up and waving our arms about for a while (by which I of course mean mobility warm ups, not just random waving as strangers) we started with squats and lunges…

only with less pink…I don’t do pink…

no, not just ordinary ones…that would be far too simple…
Squats with arms above my head (and down further than the woman in the picture…legs to parallel and all that!
Rolling squats…where you squat down, roll back, then forward then back into squat position…(or in my case almost back into squat position…)
Backward lunges
Transverse twisty lunges, which according to the internet are call curtsy lunges, only with a twist towards the back leg at the bottom… (like the bottom pic only twistier).

Then onto the trx for:Rows
Rows with straight legs where you bend on the middle and push your hips down to the floor at the bottom of the row and back up.
Rows like the ones I just described only at the top, pull up with your arms into a y shape.
Plank pikes
Plank pikes with a press up in between
Side bend thingies where you stand sideways to the trx holding it above your had and bend sideways into a side curvy shape and back up.

Chest presses with your arms at different heights.
Then kettlebell upper back extensions with a 20kg kettlebell (yep 20kg) it was good!
Cable machine external shoulder rotation thingies

Then I had to make a decision! Dammit! I don’t like decisions!!
I had to decide whether with my stupid cold I actually felt like doing any boxing of any description. I decided I didn’t really (how boringly sensible O_o)
So for the last bit we did:
tripod headstands (which I am now getting to be an expert at even with a cold!)
Arabesque-esque balances into standing up then into lifting your leg up in front on both legs, and jumping turning things where you jump from one foot to the other, but turn through 180ΒΊ while doing so. or most of 180ΒΊ and involving no falling over at all!


And that was PT…pretty awesome (as I previously mentioned) πŸ˜€

As I also previously mentioned it was Wednesday…

a sneaky unexpected, feels like Tuesday, Wednesday, but still Wednesday…and you all know what that means…

Well you should :-p It is dancing day!!
IMG_3040[1]Look here is some dancing!

I didn’t do much dancing for two reasons…1) there was a lot of practice for the dance out on Saturday that I wasn’t going to, and b) I still felt all full of coldy rubbish!

But I went along and did some dances…
Well 4 dances:
Hunting dance (x2)
Fanny Frail

So actually 3 dances but 4…you know what I mean!!

Day 222 complete πŸ˜€


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