Day 227: Pump up the Volume

Good day 🙂

I thought it was time for another Pump related 80s music reference… I haven’t made one since Day 66 which is far too long…

Pump Up the Volume was by MARRS was a one hit wonder in 1987…It seemed appropriate 🙂

Appropriate as an introduction to the regular Monday Body pump update 😀

I am trying to make these pictures look different…but it looks very similar every week…I promise it was taken this Monday!
This was the second outing of the new release. and it seemed subtly different from last week…possibly because Sarah the instructor had a better handle on the tracks. Mind you…I like that she sometimes forgets…she never stops and it keeps things interesting 😀 (also noone would know if she didn’t tell us!)

The first thing I noticed was that I definitely need to up my squat weight. I don’t know if the track is easier, or if I have just got used to the weight, but as I have been on 20kg for about 2.5 months it is time to up them… which comes with its own brand new problem. The problem of lifting the bar back over my head at the end…

It is not a problem at the start, because I know I can lift more than 20kg…but… after xx mins of holding a bar on your shoulders, your elbows don’t want to lift anything up…

ok…probably not quite that heavy but shhh!

I’ll up the weights a little next week and keep you posted…

Either that or I’ll never post again due to being perpetually trapped under a body pump bar and thus unable to use my arms…

I can only hope that, should this happen, someone would take pity on me…eventually…


the second thing I learned was that I still really really dislike the tricep track… why are overhead tricep extensions so hard…and why are they harder when standing up??

seriously I would like an answer to that second question if anyone out there knows… the set we do kneeling seems easier for some reason and google is not helping me find the answer…

dammit google I expect better! 😀

day 227 complete 😀

8 thoughts on “Day 227: Pump up the Volume

  1. I find the overhead tricep extensions I do while seated on the bench easier than standing. I think it’s just a mental thing for me, but I honestly feel standing is harder. 🙂


  2. Does your release have Matchbox 20 and Pink etc in it? I can’t work out if Australia is the same as everyone else. The class I did this morning seemed to have an older track though – it had Miley Cyrus and some other songs.


    1. No, I don’t think it does…it is release 88 that we are doing…a lot if instructors who have been doing it for a while mix them up and use different tracks from older releases. My instructor is quite new so she doesn’t know enough yet 🙂


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