Day 229: Wow! What a Wednesday!

It really was a very active Wednesday…and it would have been more active if it hadn’t been for the storms…

this clock is smirking at me because I have to get up so early!

It started with personal training at the ridiculously early hour of 0700.
(actually 0700 is not that early, but my refusal to leave the house without coffee, general disorganisation and 15 min journey to the gym means that to achieve a 0700 start I have to get up at 0530!)

So off I trotted (I didn’t trot I drove) to the gym with barely a scowl at the smirking clock ready to face whatever Matt had lined up…not for one moment expecting him to be in one of those…I think I am going to attempt to kill Sam by not letting her have any breaks between anything moods… because of this, the write up of Wednesday’s PT may be slightly long…

the viprs at my gym did not look this moody

The first chosen tortureΒ  warm up device was the vipr. Upon which I did: Thread the needles, lunge thingies swinging the vipr to my shoulder, wood chops and clean and presses.
Following this, we staged an invasion of the free weights area and shooed a man away who was going to start skipping where Matt was going to get me to wave a really long bar around..I mean do Olympic lifting, because (and I quote) it is never too early for Olympic lifting!
So with the giantly long bar (and they are long…longer than I am tall which is silly) I did 8 Β -10 reps of the following:
jerkfront squat, straight leg deadlift, traditional deadlift, jumping clean and presses, high pulls, military presses and clean and jerks.

It should be noted here that there is some considerable improvement from when I first attempted the “jerk” movement…when I was very wobbly and unbalanced even when practicing with an unweighted broom handle…

this time the bar was both long and 20kgs and I didn’t even wobble (woohoo progress! πŸ˜€ )

then with no break, other than the time it takes for us to walk across the gym, we moved on to a cable machine for:
wood chops, face pulls, shoulder rotations and the core press.

then the trx (we were up to 35 mins with no break by now…) for:
Chest press (hold at the bottom) narrow arm chest presses, row with straight legs and hips down to the floor and pull up to y shape, pull ups (from squat position on toes), pikes with a hold at the top and inverted shoulder presses.
t pressalternating hollow body and bridges, tripod head stands, t press ups (where you do a press up, then lift one arm up and twist sideways), then hand stands, then tricep dips push straight up int table position.

at which point Matt joked about making me do it one legged…so I did it one legged…dammit why don’t I leave things alone…now he knows I can do it!

by this time we had been going for 45 mins straight with no breaks apart form those where I got a gulp of water and carried on! I then accused Matt of trying to kill me and would have been more believably cross if I hadn’t been grinning…

damn my sunny countenance πŸ˜€

The last 15 mins or so were filled with hitting and kicking and generally boxing about…which is the absolute technical term! At which point, my switch kick was apparently pretty powerful…I deemed this to be Matt’s own fault for setting out to make me stronger πŸ˜€

SO that was Wednesday…


no it wasn’t…

It was of course dancing practice day πŸ˜€

there are no pictures of Wednesday evening…because I danced every dance…

yes…every dance…which is exactly the right thing to do after starting the day with an extremely hard PT session!
mind you…they were 12 hours apart!

anyhow…every dance..which meant I danced:
Triskele, Raggle Taggle Gypsy (x2), Our Henry, King of the Fairies, Hunting Dance (x2), Foul mouth cat, Standing Stones, Star of the County Down, Witch Hunt, Changeling, maiden castle and fanny frail!

which my friends was 14 dances…a new record πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

and…I danced 2 of them in brand new places with no prior warning!! this is definitely progress!

woohoo!! what an awesome Wednesday!!

and just in case you are wondering how I manage to remember all of this in such great detail…


Loooook!! I have an awesome new Moleskine page a day diary to write important things in!


it has LEGO on it!! How awesome is that!!!


Day 229 complete πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Day 229: Wow! What a Wednesday!

  1. I’m exhausted reading! But that’s seriously great work. The longer bars intrigue me, I’m not tall at all so I’d find them awkward. Your PT sounds great though, pushing you through it all.


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