Day 230: The oddest approach to a rest day

only slightly relevant picture of Thor…

It was Thursday…it was, in fact, Thor’s day as the name suggests and there were storms and torrential rain to go with it. This is nothing particularly new at the moment but id did give me an excuse to post a picture of one representation of Thor.

Yes it is relevant…

Ok no it isn’t not really…but it was raining and stormy and I completely failed to take this into account in the morning when I selected my running kit to use after work.

So annoyed, I made my way home and was vaguely intending to head out again and go to the gym…but after my epic wednesday I decided that I would head home and do a home based work out to give myself what (these days) passes for a rest day.

So, this is what I did…

Another round of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred

30dsl2I did level 2 again, I considered moving up to level 3, I think I should move up to level 3, but really need to get some not 7.5kg kettlebells to use first.

However I don’t have any yet so a stuck to level 3 with the crazy kettlebells.

and half way through, when I was doing plank jacks or some such crazy thing…I realised that my perspective is now officially skewed!

the publicity and reviews I have read of the 30 day shred would indicate that it is something of a challenge… (if you haven’t seen them look here)

So not a rest by (apparently) other people’s standards…

I call this progress 😀

and rest day or not…Day 230 complete 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 230: The oddest approach to a rest day

  1. I understand the ‘rest’ comment/sentiment because it is a shorter workout than the types we are used to at the gym. That said, it’s a pretty solid jolt, albeit for a shorter period of time. It’s good to mix it up!


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