Day 231: Finally dry enough to run!

Ok…so I might be a big wuss but I really don’t like running in torrential rain if I can help it! Showers are ok and light rain is ok but torrential downpours that are causing flooding all over the place are a bit much…

no rain

However, on Friday after work, the weather was dry O_o

I know that is a shock to the system at the moment!

However, thankful for the opportunity to (probably) stay dry I hightailed it down to the gym changing rooms to go for a run around the park

I got there, successfully avoided the hoards of gymnastic girls, got changed…and realised I had the most stupid socks on for running in!


Silly bee socks!
Here they are…much to the amusement of the other person who walked into the changing room while I was taking pictures of my own feet… they look particularly odd as I pulled them up over my running leggings which have zip up bottoms.

the bottoms that go around my ankles… not the bottom that goes around my…bottom.

Ok…that was obvious wasn’t it…sorry 😀

anyway…Silly socks or not I headed out for my run 🙂 and a surprisingly good run it was too 🙂 I hadn’t run for a couple of weeks, but I have decided that February is going to be the month of running (and March…and April for reasons that will become clear soon…in an upcoming post) I went 3.6 km in 32 mins 20s Not bad…but I need to improve and I am determined to do so 😀

slightly more sensible feet
Just in case you were wondering…I made my socks look slightly more sensible before setting out.

I know…my socks were your main concern, I suspected I was only interesting for my socks a long time ago.

anyway, back to my run. I ran further than I expected, I kept going further beyond the 1km marker than I have for a while and walked less than I have in a while. The run sections felt easier, although I still had to walk on more than one occasion!

The two things that pleased me most about this run are:



The fact that, although I walked, the walks were not long enough to register as walks on the Moves app. which means that no individual walk was longer than 2 mins and every run was longer than 2 mins.

I think some of the runs were considerably longer than 2 mins, but I have no evidence to uphold this!  I just know they were!

The second pleasing thing was that I got quicker in my third km than my second…which means I ran more in my third  km. I think this is known in the business as a negative split…but I am not 100% sure about that. Anyway what ever it is called it pleased me and it went hand in hand with the fact that I was feeling better while I was running in the last bit of the run than I was in the middle. Next time I shall capitalize on this and go further!

representation of the mouse I spoke to…it was too dark to photograph the actual fellow!

The other thing that pleases me is that I managed to get the same average pace this time as I did last time after a 2 week break and…this time I stopped to have a conversation with a mouse!

Yep a mouse…

It was fairly one sided as conversations go…I spoke to the mouse, and he looked at me with a large acorn in his mouth. It was interesting nevertheless 😀

All in all a good run…

Day 231 Complete (with mouse) 😀



6 thoughts on “Day 231: Finally dry enough to run!

  1. I don’t like heavy downpours for running in either. Fortunately we haven’t had too many in York this year – we’re going to pay for this “good” weather in the Summer. I forced myself to learn to run on a treadmill for this reason, get very bored but I find it helps with my outside running as I run faster outside and don’t feel that I put in as much effort. It may be just me, after all I’m strange like that. Great time for your first run in a couple of weeks.

    Love your socks too 😀


    1. Thanks 🙂 I was surprised it went so well after a break to be honest 😀

      It has been so wet down here, everything is flooded about once a week at the moment!

      I really should learn to run on a treadmill, but I have a huge mental block about them. I managed about 3 mins on one on saturday before getting panicky and worried that the floor was moving my feet and I was out of control so had to stop!

      It would make winter a lot easier mind you…


      1. I started out doing intervals on a treadmill at my slowest running speed (about 7.5k/h) and a steady walk (about 5.5k/h) of 1 minute each. I then increased the running time the same as you would outside. When I could manage a reasonable time (10 minutes running is enough for me on a treadmill otherwise I get too bored) I then went back to the beginning with a higher running speed. I only do a maximum of 30 minutes on a treadmill, far too boring to go any longer even with music or tv!


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