Day 234: The day there was a bike in a tree…

There was…I promise I have a photo and everything! 😀

bike in a tree
It is quite hard to see… but it is definitely a whole bike… I spent some time on my lunchtime walk wondering how it got there.

Horsham is not really the sort of place for abstract street art…and if it was this is not prominent enough a place.

I can’t see it being an obscure form of vandalism, it would take quite a lot of effort to get the bike up there…it was quite a tall tree…

I can only conclude that the wind we have been having over the last week or so was somewhat more enthusiastic than I thought at the time…I am just pleased we didn’t end up in Oz! (the alternative world with the wizard…not Australia… I wouldn’t mind travelling to Australia, but if I do, travel by wind / storm power wasn’t really what I had in mind…)

The fire keeps my feet dry!
Anyway…my lunchtime walk yesterday was quite pleasant! I went on my normal route which takes in parks, main(ish)roads and a wiggley route through a housing estate to do a route that was 2.8km long and took me 41 mins 😀

The puddles were so deep that I had to hold my trousers up while I walked through them…which is quite hard to do while taking a photo of your feet.

No…It is nothing to do with the fact that I am so short that my trousers touch the floor even with my 3″ heeled boots…nothing to do with that at all!

Next on the fitness agenda for the day, was some more playing out with Jen. (for those of you unclear about a. my definition of playing out or b. who Jen is click on the little coloured linky bits)

This particular instance of playing out was in the form of Body Pump (it was Monday…this can’t come as that much of a shock… :-D)

It was the third week of the new release, and it is definitely harder than the last release! It is also definitely better than the last release!


As promised last week (promised? mentioned? whatever) I upped my weights for the squat track…I have until yesterday been using the same weight since about the end of November so it was about time I upped them…

I added a further 1.5 kg onto each side, a total increase from 20 kg to 23 kg… It made it harder, but not so hard that I missed many reps, I am wondering if I could up them again. But I think I will leave them at this level for a week or two then change.  😀 I am pleased with this progress, the squat track is always one I have found hard (possibly because it is the first real track, possibly because I used to hold the bar too high on my neck) so progress is particularly happy making!

I felt better doing the chest track too this week, I don’t think it will be many more weeks before I want to increase my weights for this one. I also felt much better doing the back track, and think I might increase the weight next week. I just need to stop it hurting in my forearms. (yes really…forearms!)

The struggle tracks are still the triceps and shoulder tracks…triceps just has sooo many extensions…sooo many!!

It is all good fun though 😀

and it can now be said that

Day 234 is complete 😀

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