Day 235: I am slightly better at running than I thought I was…

Yesterday was my first official training run for the slightly dreaded 10k that I am running.

this app…

As I had downloaded a training app (yes I have an app addiction…shhh) I decided I would use it, and that I would do exactly what it said with regards to when to run and when I walk etc.

This app is designed to take people from no running experience at all to 10k in 14 weeks. I have running experience, and I only have 11 weeks until my 10k so I decided to start on week 4. This was a bad decision.

It turns out I underestimated my running ability!


This was the pattern of the run.

I thought it might be slightly easier than I was used to…but it was silly… it turned out that in the whole run I only ran 14 mins and walked the rest.

I did my best to run when told and walk when told but I confess I did run a bit in the warm up because I had been walking backwards and forwards to the changing room etc before I started and I skipped half of the cool down because the last 2 min walk interval runs directly into the cool down which was 7 mins walking…too much walking. Β I finished the run feeling like I had been on a brisk walk with a bit of running in it and that I kept having to stop just as I was getting going!

You may be wondering why I didn’t just abandon the app and do my own thing…well I need to follow a training plan to improve for this 10k and I think I will benefit from doing it in a structured way. So I need to get used to following the interval instructions and sticking to the structure. I have to say I found it weird. I both liked it because there was a plan, and hated it because I was constantly wondering how far into the interval I was. I was also worrying a little about whether the 3 apps I had going were going to interact ok. They did so that is one less thing to worry about…

Wait hang on (I hear you cry) 3 apps? Well yes…

It turns out this new app doesn’t give you any gps data or info on speed or distance, so I used Strava as well. And of course I had to have the zombies…The story is getting interesting and my little town needs upgrading!

(yes I know I just started a sentence with And which would get me thrown out of the grammar pedants union…of course there is one… don’t kill me, it just made sense this once!)


<—- look…it is quite amazing how much less data you get out of this app than the Strava app!! This is quite disappointing considering the 10k app was a paid for app and the Strava one was free!

It is also pretty easy to see that both my speed and distance are down on my previous runs.

I think I will move on a week or two, I need structure and intervals but I would like to be going for longer than half an hour really. SO I will either jump ahead again, or I will investigate to see if there are more apps out there which will provide me with more data!

It was a worthwhile thing to do mind you because I have learned a couple of things:
1) as I have already said, I am better than I thought which takes away a tiny bit of fear about the 10k! (only a tiny bit)
b) I can get used to running with structure again
iii) I decided that I did like running in my stripey socks…

hehehehe…pink is not my usual colour…
loook more stripey socks!!

So with some lessons learned…

Day 235 Complete πŸ˜€

13 thoughts on “Day 235: I am slightly better at running than I thought I was…

  1. I downloaded the Run a 10k app by Red Rock that you suggested and used it (Wk 1, Day 1) yesterday. It was a 40 minute program with mostly 3R/3W intervals (some 2R). I made it through all intervals but my pace was definitely slower (I was on a treadmill so I don’t have GPS data, but I have my treadmill speeds). It’s amazing what being away from running for a month or so has done (negatively) so I was just glad to be able to successfully run all the 3R intervals without breaks. But it was tough. I’m nervous about what Day 2 will bring. Hoping the increases are gradual!


    1. I am going to switch to the red rock one tomorrow πŸ™‚ I will start at week 1 day 1 it maybe 2 as it is a 10week program πŸ™‚ I think it will be better because it is longer overall πŸ™‚
      PS I have just got home from indoor rock climbing…first time since I fell down a mountain! It was terrifying and then awesome! X


      1. I just finished Day 2 – which went for 48 minutes, I think. It’s still maxing out at 3 min run intervals, which is manageable, but by interval 16 I was pretty tired, mind you. πŸ™‚

        YAH YOU on the rock climbing!!! I know that must have taken a lot of mental strength to overcome those fears. Go Sam!


      2. I was shaking and nearly cried the first two climbs but I got better every time! I have never had a real fear like that before! It was ok by the end though πŸ˜€


  2. Sounds like you need to skip forward a bit, or maybe just do the scheduled run and add a bit on the end, depending on how you’re feeling. It feels much better to do just a little bit more, rather than having to stop just as you’re getting into your stride.
    I look forward to reading more about how you get on with it. πŸ™‚


      1. Ha ha! Good luck on both counts – I can never manage a morning run on a week day. πŸ˜‰
        Thanks for the follow. πŸ™‚


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