Day 243: It is official…morris dancing cures colds (at least for a while)

Ok…that is probably not actually true…

I can’t guarantee that if you have a cold, and you go morris dancing, the cold will go away…

But I can tell you that when I got to practice and started dancing, I genuinely felt like I was better…no cough, no cold, no dizziness πŸ˜€

It was an awesome practice!

apart from making me feel better, I got to dance 15 whole dances, I did a couple of well known (to me) dances in brand new places with no walk throughs and no mistake and only a tiny little bit of new place panic which went away once I got started!

a cage or a gauge?
The other remarkable thing that happened was we built a cage out of sticks and locked Dan in for being too fit and energetic…


no we didn’t do that, that would be mean!

What we did was build a gauge in the practice hall to measure our sticks and check they are regulation length.

Ok…No we didn’t do that either.

What actually happened was I stuck my stick in the hatch through from the kitchen…and it happened to be the same height as the opening…

seee….that wouldn’t have made as good a story if I had just said that in the first place…so there :-p

anyway…despite being ill…and thinking I might not make much dancing happen…I (as I have mentioned) did 15 whole dances (and a couple of walks and a half dance…yes a half dance is a thing…) and these were:

Maiden Castle, Sticky dance (aka Awakening) x 4, Standing Stones, Our Henry x 2, Taggle Taggle Gypsy x2, Parma Ham x 2, Summerland, Foul mouth cat, Fanny Frail πŸ˜€

Wooohooo 15 dance…this is a record!

I am without a doubt fitter than I was… πŸ˜€

Day 243 Complete πŸ˜€

11 thoughts on “Day 243: It is official…morris dancing cures colds (at least for a while)

      1. When you send just a smiley face, it appears as a blank comment on your phone. When you get to your laptop you’ll see the smiley. I figured that out a while back when it appeared people were leaving multiple blank comments. πŸ™‚


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