Day 248 & 249: one day I will do yoga and I won’t be in pyjamas

One day, but not either of these two days.

For this post I have a brand new blog friend along for the ride… I am shamelessly stealing some of her awesome doodles today, please click on them because they will take you lovely posts on her blog: perpetualplothole go and read it…but please come back here too 🙂

sticklet wave
Here she is say hi!

As Monday morning approached…ok…by that I mean Sunday evening… It became apparent that I was either not better, or ill again in quick succession. GRRRRR!!!

By became apparent, I mean that I felt sick, my tummy hurt, my temperature was wrong and my skin hurt…I didn’t even know skin could hurt!

fancy pants new app
Due to this new and unpleasant development I stayed at home on Monday and decided not to over do it in the evening by going to body pump. ( 😦 I miss body pump!)

Instead of lifting stuff up and putting it down again I decided to do some Yoga, from a pretty good app that I found which had beginners routines and poses. there were 4 beginners workouts which were 15 mins each.
Beginner routine
Beginner Seated Poses
Beginner Lying Poses
Beginner Standing poses

I did the Routine and the Lying poses on monday and the Seated and Standing Poses on Tuesday.

In my pyjamas.

But not cow pyjamas this time! 

The main problem I had with this was the tendency for my pyjama top to flop around and fall over my head. this is moderately distracting while trying not to fall over and hold a correct downward dog!

stick yoga
My yoga did not look like this…

I have no way of knowing how ridiculous I looked while I was doing this…but let me tell you that my pyjamas are somewhat on the big side… and got in the way really quite a lot!

However, it definitely counted as a good workout in my diminished state, and I actually felt the stretchy bendyness of it being beneficial.

Or rather, I felt that is could be beneficial if I did it more than twice!

I am now investigating yoga classes to attend, which I have a sneaky suspicion I will have to wear real clothes to and not red tartan pyjamas that used to fit me 2 stone ago!

any way…in a more restful way than normal!

Day 248 & 249 complete 🙂

5 thoughts on “Day 248 & 249: one day I will do yoga and I won’t be in pyjamas

  1. Oh man. I still haven’t mastered keeping my shirts in place while doing yoga. Seriously. I wear like four layers just to keep from flashing the rest of the class, and I’ve just accepted that I’m going to be blinded by clothing for every head-down pose.

    Forward bend? Blind
    Downward dog? Blind
    Dancer pose? Not blind, because I’ve fallen over and am laying on the floor.

    Hurray yoga! 🙂 Also – I’m so squeaky glad and flattered to be mentioned on your blog!! THANK YOU!


    1. If I ever go to an actual yoga class I am really going to sort it out!
      I foresee many blind and or falling over poses in my future!
      Your visit brightened up by blog…I tried to draw a pyjama yoga me to match but it didn’t go well!


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