Day 250: More PT and Dancing!

No, I still haven’t got the hang of arranging those on different days…Wednesdays are so good for PT as the gym seems to be quieter!

So yes, this is what happened…

Needless to say I was feeling better, not completely better, but enough better and rested that I could get up and get on and refuse to let the stupid flu get me down any more!

So at 7am I embarked on a personal training session in which, Matt attempted to kill me, then realised that I was still slightly under the weather, and that he actually might kill me so we dialed it back a little bit…

Pavilions in The Park gym
Pavilions in The Park gym

We did 2 intervals of High intensity cardio today, interspersed and followed by strength and trx and boxing and such like.

The first one of these was on the cross trainer, it was 300 strides as fast as possible, which was just under 2 mins.

the second was on the rowing machine and was 500m as fast as possible which was just under 2.5 mins.

Apart from this general torture we did:

1 armed row (x10) 18 kg per arm, arnold press (x8) 8 kg per arm, bench press (x10) 30 kg, Bent over row (x10) 35 kg,  straight legged deadlift (x10) 40 kg, military press (x10) 20 kg

A little like this (click for source)

The last strength training exercise we did (in the free weights section) was the waiter walk which is where you hold a weight in one hand, above your head with your arm straight (straighter than this picture shows according to Matt) and keeping you core engaged and your body straight , not leaning over to the side, walk. You can really feel it in you core.

I did it with a 12kg dumbbell, and it was at this point that I realised that my being ill had knocked a bit of my strength out…

I didn’t drop a dumbbell on my head…but I nearly did until I got my arm locked up there!

After the rowing, which came between strength and more strength, we did:

3 x goblet squat, 3 x clean and press (per arm), 8 x jumping 2 armed swing, 3 x high pull (per arm) all with a 12 kg kettlebell.

Then TRX:
Twisting chest press, 1 legged chest press, Rows with arms at different levels.

And on the floor:
Candlestick thingies (which are like body hollows but somehow you have to roll up and lift your legs straight up and you bum off the floor), superman hold, bridges.

then we did some thai boxing, where we set up a long combo which we both kept forgetting which involved Matt having a focus pad on one arm and a thai pad on the other arm which looked so silly that laughing nearly derailed punching!

And that along with some stretching, was PT!

On to the evening of dancing…and what an excellent evening of dancing it was 😀

We concentrated on learning new dances for the new people, and  3 of these were dances I didn’t know either, so this lead me to learning 3 new dances! yeay!

I have no pics so I thought I would provide you with another vid of us doing our awesome thing…it is quite an old vid but this dance hasn’t changed (apart from the music but shhh) and I have mentioned it a lot so here is Our Henry:

So the new dances I learned were: Earth Mother, Poison Pie and Sticky dance (which I am sure has a real name but I don’t know it…). This is excellent as two of these are dances from stories which it is important to know as dancing season approaches 😀

The Whole evening’s dances are as follows:
Sticky Dance (x3)
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Our Henry
Maiden Castle (x2)
Poison Pie (x2)
Earth Mother (x2)
Fanny Faril (of course…)

I’ll tell you something…I wasn’t half tired after all that lot on top of such an early start…But I did sleep well 😀

Day 250 Complete 😀

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