Day 251: Recovery Thursday

It was the Thursday after the Wednesday before!

I was really tired after my epic wednesday so I revised my planned exercise and ended up doing:

IMG_3157[1]A walk at lunchtime, I left later than normal and so had to keep it short. It was about 1.5 km and took me 20 mins. It was a welcome break from being in the office 😀 and a nice reminder that spring is on its way… 😀

One of those pictures is not a reminder of spring…

one is my cat Bob, who was not on my walk, but I found a pic of him on my phone and thought you would all want to see him all curled up!

Anyway… nice walk though it was, it wasn’t enough to be my daily exercise, but I wasn’t up for anything long and complicated, so I fired up the electronic tell you what to do device (commonly known as the DVD player) and I embarked on level 2 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred…

30 day
Look at those…not 16lb dumbbells!

Yes still level 2…I still only have 7.5kg kettle bells you know! (for the unmetric of you that is 16.5 lbs)

It was enough, without pushing it too far!

Day 251 Complete 😀

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


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