Day 254: And this was the day…

You know a couple of days ago I said I would do yoga and not be wearing  pyjamas well Saturday was the day!

I officially did my first ever pjyama-less yoga session

at home…

I am not brave enough for yoga classes yet!

I used the yoga app I downloaded last week, and used their standing routine, which is a 20 min routine rather than the individual poses I did last week.

Standing yoga routine
I enjoyed it, especially after the rest of the days activities, which had left me feeling slightly weary and crunched up!

The routine seemed (to the completely uninitiated me) to be pretty good, and the only minor drawback is trying to follow the moves from my phone screen…

It occurs to me as I write this, that I should investigate whether they do an iPad version of this app…

Shh yes I know that is blooming obvious…


Anyway, the routine left me feeling stretched and twisted, in a good therapeutic sort of way, I am beginning to see the benefits of this yoga malarkey, and at least at home, my inner cynic does not spend all its time assigning fellow class members to stereotype categories in a completely arbitrary and judgmental way which distracts me no end!

I also learned that in gym clothes you have the added advantage of being able to see what you are doing most of the time due to the lack of pyjama top falling over your head…this is always an advantage!

This… this is what I was doing…

As for the rest of the day… what was I doing that made Yoga so appealing…

I spent the day at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham trying to stop myself from spending extortionate amounts of money on camera equipment! I also got to photograph a woman throwing fire around which is pretty awesome (pics will follow in another post…)

I went with my friend Rachel and we spent about 6 hours walking round, a lot of this wasn’t fast walking, but even slow ambling counts for something after 6 hours! Especially when you consider that I did it in my New Rocks

It also meant I spent 6 hours driving. which is a lot of driving and that is the bit that made me feel crunched up and in need of yoga 🙂

walking up the shed

<— that is Rachel…

click on it for an insight into another aspect of my personality… the one that is always taking photos…

the one that spends 6 hours walking around a photography trade show…

Day 254 Complete(ly without pyjamas) 😀

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


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