255: Normality Returns

Generally speaking I am not a fan of normality.

But when it comes to being well and awake enough to return to my weekly body pump class, then I am all for it 🙂

Just in that context you understand…I don’t want any of you accusing me of being a normal person :-p

It is tricky making these pics look different every week…
Loook…Body pump class complete with feet, as is traditional to prevent falling over. Also complete with other people one in particular who seems to be stretching before class in a static way on cold muscles…hmmm…

it is also an interesting fact that this is one of the people who used to come to circuits with me and was in my team when I cried because I felt so inadequate. I remembered this on Monday and having looked back, that was day 17. I thought at the time, look how far I have come…if you had told me on day 17 of all this that the same person who was crying in circuits would be training to be a personal trainer I don’t know if I would have believed you!

Sarah the instructor…and my feet…
Monday’s body pump was awesome…because as we know everything is awesome, but also because I felt not ill and like I was working hard. It is one of those classes that you definitely get used to after a while, and therefore feel when you miss a couple of weeks.

I attempted to be sensible, and dropped back a tiny bit on the weights…when I say sensible…I mean I dropped back to the weights I was using 3 weeks ago, and didn’t up them any more like I said I was going to…

yes…I do consider that sensible :-p

I was definitely feeling it by the end of the class…and I still really hate the triceps track…I am not even sure it is my triceps that make me hate it…I think I just hate holding my arms above my head for that long…maybe…

Anyhow with an awesome class and an awesome realisation… day 255 complete 😀

5 thoughts on “255: Normality Returns

    1. 😀 thank you

      I just remembered as I was getting the body pump stuff out that I was hardly the same person who cried in circuits because I was in a team with fit giants who looked really cross that they had no hope of winning because they got stuck with me (this may not really be what they were thinking but that is what it felt like)
      Now it would be a different story altogether!


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