Day 258: Running around…

But no robbing banks, and no scooby snacks…

Of course you know what I am talking about…It is a song…by The Fun Lovin’ Criminals called Scooby Snacks…

anyhow…there was none of that but there was lots of running…

Thursday, I managed to do another Lunchtime run, annoying as it is to do all the changing and leaving the food component of lunch until later, it is a very good way to get a workout in while still leaving evenings free to do other stuff. So I got on with it and got myself out of the door… and went almost exactly the same time and almost exactly the same distance as Wednesday’s run.Β 

Running around…
It represents a bit of an experiment, as I have always stopped short of doing the whole loop because my brain made me believe it was longer than the odd lollipop shape I did on Wednesday.

It turns out that it wasn’t…which is good to know for future reference πŸ™‚

I am going to try extending it to the next cut through which is about 200m further on, on the left hand side of the route and cut through the green bit I often walk through next time I go out to see if I can make it longer, or maybe do a side loop or two just to see what I can fit in πŸ™‚

It was a pleasant run, it was sunny and not too cold and I only had to run around one person with a pushchair and no regard for other pavement users and a Robin came to see me while I was running, which is always nice πŸ˜€

I hadn’t initially planned for this to be the only workout I did on Thursday, climbing was on the cards, but I have to confess that I prioritised study over climbing just this once! I am getting perilously close to my Gym Instructor Workshop and anatomy and physiology exam and really need to get down to it!

Day 258 Complete πŸ˜€

16 thoughts on “Day 258: Running around…

  1. It’s fantastic that you get a run in right in the middle of your work day. If I had to work in an office (or anywhere with people around me versus at my home, as I now do) there would be no chance I could run, shower, fix my hair/face to a level of respectability, in time during a lunch hour. You have my mad respect for getting your runs in during work time!

    So… I decided to go for a run here in Toronto today. Week 3, Day 1 (only 43 mins — because the runs are 4 mins, 1 min walk) and it was around 0 or 1C today. So I bundled up and thought I’d test my lungs ability to cope with the cold air. All was going perfectly!! and then at interval 11 of 15, my iPhone crashed, rebooted itself. The app didn’t maintain any of my history on the first 25 minutes of the run. 😦 😦 😦 I was cursing in the street by myself. 😦 I went back into the app and started at that same interval (without any of the history logged) and then at interval 13 of 15 the phone crapped out again! 😦 I don’t know if it’s the app or the phone. I deleted the app and downloaded 3 different ones, which I’ll test in the next week or so to see if I like them. I may go back and just borrow the training day intervals from the Red Rock app but just track my actual run with map my run or runtastic or something. I did like the pace but it was so frustrating to lose the data so far into my run. 😦


    1. Oh I hate it when that happens! My next blog is about the gps crashing half way through day 2week2 so strava and the red rock app both have stupid data, luckily I also had zombies run, the moves app and my fitbit to get data from but it is frustrating!

      We have a shower at work which I can use if I am quick otherwise I just put up with it, I don’t have to meet professional people often, I just work in my own little world!


      1. You have all those apps running simultaneously?? Maybe I should try using mapmyrun for the total distance/time and the red rock got cues on intervals… Will play with it. I packed my layers for outdoor runs in Manhattan. Kinda super excited about that!


      2. yeah…I am somewhat app obsessed!
        Strava is the most accurate GPS timing one I have found, redrock gives me intervals and tells me how far I walked and how far I ran etc, Zombies Run plays me a story to keep me interested and deals with music…
        the moves app just runs in the background all the time for no reason at all because it does nothing different to my fitbit but I have got used to it…
        I am surprised my phone has enough battery life to get me through a run to be honest!

        If you can get strava i recommend it, and then I can be your freind on it πŸ˜€

        I would be excited about running in Manhattan! It sounds super exciting and a little bit scary…but then I have only been to the states once and it was San Francisco…


      3. You’re right. Mao my run was rubbish. I was thinking of Runkeeper. That one was pretty accurate, I think.

        I’m just downloading strata now + zombie escape – because, why not!?!


      4. I’ll keep that in mind! πŸ™‚

        Say, do you use the red rock app with a music app like pandora or songza? If so, do you get the interval cues? I don’t get the voice/sound on the 10k trainer when I’m listening to music app. 😦


      5. Good morning! Just past 6am here in NY…not my best time of day. Yes, it’s me you followed. I’m debating this whole running at stupid-o’clock thing. πŸ™‚


      6. oooh blimey, that is early…I was going to do that early running…but sleep won!

        now I have to see if I can fit a 43min run into a 45 min lunch break including getting changed twice…


      7. For the love of all things good! 😦 That stupid red rock app crashed twice this morning. Thank you for the reco on Strava. Thankfully it kept running. I just finished. 4.4k in 33 mins. Avg 7:33/kn. not bad for dodging pedestrians, traffic lights and crazy drivers. I’m SO fed up with that app.


      8. Grrr that is really annoying! I am glad strava kept going! I will keep an eye on the redrock app, if it messes up for me again I will look for other ones!


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