Day 259: When GPS goes bad…

Or the reason why I have 6 apps tracking me when I go running…

Yes…some say that is overkill

Some others say I am obsessed with tracking..

actually it is mostly the same people who say those things…and they could be right…but I don’t care.

I like data…

Data πŸ™‚

Who wouldn’t he is endearing and amusing and logical!

Yes I know I just made a Star Trek reference…Star Trek is cool!

Yes it is!!


Ok…I like the other type of data too…I like to know how fast I ran, how much walking I did, how far I went, I also like to hear interactive stories about zombies and music.

All of these apps allow me to do that and the sheer number of them mean that if one (or two) go wrong, I can use the other ones to figure out what I want to know!

This is exactly what happened on Friday. I got myself down to the park, where a public-spirited human gave me their car park ticket so I wouldn’t have to pay (yeay them!) and got myself changed and set off, happy to be at least starting my run in the light for once πŸ˜€

I struggled at first, as my calves were quite painful, I should know by now that I should leave a day between runs, or Β 2 days in the row at the most, on the third day my leggies always hurt…

However, this was actually improving as I went along, I was beginning to feel better in my running phases, and then the gps failed on the training app… which annoyed me… I carried on regardless, the 10k trainer continued to tell me when to walk and when to run despite the gps fail, and my zombies run missions were still going and I assumes strava was still running so I soldiered on πŸ™‚

yes…of course I can run 1km in 2 mins :-S
Β I reached the end of my run, relatively pleased, it was hard at the end, but my calves hurt less than they did at the start and I felt I had Β done a reasonable impersonation of a runner πŸ™‚

Excited to see how I had done I checked my apps…I looked at the 10k trainer and was not too surprised to see that it hadn’t picked the gps back up, and it thought I had only done 4km which was the distance I had gone when it lost gps…so I disregarded that…

I then checked Strava…it said 7.2km…

woohoo I am awesome….

wait hang on…

I checked the pace…5.59 mins /km that can’t be right…so I checked the map…nope, I didn’t dart about like a mad thing in utterly random criss crossy patterns that went nowhere near paths…

Dammit…I am not awesome…

Strava had messed up on me too 😦

I eventually worked it out using the data from the other apps that hadn’t abandoned me in my hour of need… and my distance and pace were approximately 6.1km and 8.55 min/km which is not too bad at all πŸ™‚

This all means that I have a weird result in my 10k training log and strava momentarily thinks I have turned into a superhuman…it also means I am not giving up my app addiction any time soon πŸ˜€

anyway πŸ™‚ Day 259 complete πŸ˜€

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