Day 262: Resisting the urge to run…

Well, it is not often that I get to write that, I remember the days when I had to force myself to run…and to be honest they do still occur!

However, Monday, I was raring to go and run at lunchtime, but I remembered the lesson I learned on Friday about not running too many days in a row, and the need to study prevailed…

This meant I was fresh and raring to go for my traditional Monday evening Body Pump 🙂

Busy Body Pump
It was a pretty busy class too, there were even two lines of people working…not just one really long line at the back and around the sides like normal!

Which is something I have always found strange, everywhere else people fill up the hall in sensible line, but at this body pump (and Pilates too) everyone tries to stick to the furthest edges of the hall…which is odd…because it is the front row as well as the back row if noone goes in the middle…


I might have mentioned this before, but I am really liking this release of body pump! after being so put off by the last one, to the point I was considering stopping body pump altogether!

a bit like this…only with over 4x the weight and down further…

I increased my weights this week on the squat and chest track, on the squat track I am not back at the weight I increased it to before I was ill and missed two weeks, it was hard with the new weight, but doable…maybe this means I should increase it more…I will give it next week at this weight then see…

The chest track was hard with the new weight… there is no question there of going up a with in the near future!

The triceps track is still the hardest…I still have trouble doing all those overhead triceps presses…I am sure it is a circulation problem, because I can do kickbacks and triceps press ups and even triceps dips with much less trouble!! However, no matter how much googling I do, this theory remains only mine…so maybe I need to just get on with it!

Day 262 complete 😀

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