Day 263: The ups and downs of running…

Tuesday heralded Week 3 day 1 of my 10k trainer and as I was still stuck in a world of studying, I decided to get it out of the way at lunchtime…It was a narrow squeak as it was a 40 min run and I only have a 45 min lunch…but it worked 😀

This was  the first increase in the length of the running intervals rather than the quantity of them. There were 7 x 4 min runs with i min walks in between and a warm up and cool down on each end. This meant 28 mins running and 6 mins walking (not including the warm up and cool down 15 mins walk in total)

lunchtime running 🙂
After Sunday’s struggle up slopes hills I was apprehensive about the longer intervals (the logic that would have caused me to stop worrying as I had run longer intervals before was absent).

As it turns out, I was worried over nothing. The run felt better than it has in a while 😀 the longer intervals were surprisingly ok, and the overall shorter time made the whole thing feel much easier than I was expected! I was really pleased with this running, as expected, the last couple of run intervals were harder than the first few but I really think I might be beginning to get there with this 😀

mind you…the route was flatter so I still need to work on leg strength…

Day 263 complete 😀

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