Day 265: The campaign for leg strength begins…

On Sunday when I discovered that I was rubbish at running up even the shallowest of inclines I got some good advice about increasing my leg strength and what exercises to do to attempt to do this.

As I was in a world of study ready for my gym instructor course, I decided not to spend time going to the gym, but just to have a quick work out at home.

quick….but not easy!

As I now have my awesome trx/pull up bar arrangement not getting int he way at all in the kitchen doorway, I decided to take advantage of that, along with the dumbbells I just got for when I do stuff (like Jillian Michaels DVDs) where my kettlebells are a little ambitious. So I wrote myself 3 mini circuits:

leg strength3 rounds of:
5 (per leg) single leg squats (trx)
5 (per leg) single leg deadlifts (5kg dumbbells)
10 squats
10 (per leg) walking lunge

2 rounds of:
5 (per leg) TRX slow mountain climbers
5 TRX press ups with hold at the bottom
5 TRX Pike planks with hip abduction

2 rounds of:
5 press up row
5 assisted pull ups
5 (per leg) TRX lunge

Then I did some stretching, and some more studying 😀

Day 265 complete 😀


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