Day 270: A body pump too far?

Well…not too far as such…but it was hard work!

After the weekend’s escapades I was left with quite a lot of achiness…especially around the legs. I don’t know whether it was the DVD, the resistance training lessons or the run, or a combination of the lot, but I was definitely left with some form of residual DOMs for the first time in a while

much emptier than last week…
Undeterred, I marched myself over to body pump (by marched I mean drove, it is too far to march to in a sensible time) only to find a grand total of 6 people there including Sarah the instructor! Somewhat different from last week’s double row of benches!

I managed to stick to my increased weight from last week on my squat and chest track, I thought it was going to be fine during the start of the squat track, but as we got going it turned out I really had no energy left at all, and when I was half way through the chest track I realised that resolutely sticking to my heavier weight might have been a mistake.

Too late to do anything about that by then mind you!

I made it through and erred on the side of caution for the rest of the session and did not actually increase my weights despite intending to last week.

I am glad I went mind you, despite the fact that I struggled, and I was much tireder than I expected to me, I am glad I made it and I did feel better after wards…sort of…well after a sit down and a protein shake anyway!

Day 270 Complete 😀

7 thoughts on “Day 270: A body pump too far?

    1. 🙂 hehe I am up to 23kg for squats, which is not *that* much but more than the rest if the class 🙂 I am crossing my fingers for you! Although I don’t wish the tricep track on anyone!


      1. Anything that misses triceps is fine by me! The current tricep track is awful!
        Woohoo I have a beast mode 😀 the rest if the class have written me off as mental 🙂


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