Day 272: Well of course it was crazy, it was Wednesday!

As you might have noticed, Wednesdays are rapidly becoming my craziest day. Well, mostly my craziest day, I have a fair few crazy days but Wednesdays are consistently crazy at the moment 😀

I don’t mind, I like crazy days 😀

apparently I am not the only one who thinks this (thanks google)

In the grandest tradition of Wednesdays (yes, I am counting about 5 Wednesdays as a grand tradition…shhh) I started with a PT session!

At it was awesome!

I believe I have said that before about my PT sessions…but that doesn’t make it any less true!

We started with a very short (300 strides) warm up on the cross trainer, followed by what I can only describe as the meanest warm up I have ever encountered…It worked…but it was mean!

especially mean when you consider that my track record with skipping is sketchy at best!

I had to skip, and whenever the skipping rope got tangled in my feet I had to do a burpee… (to be fair this was only for 1 min as Matt admitted it was a little evil!)

I foiled the burpee plot by skipping, untangled for 55 seconds and thus only had to do one burpee… it occurs to me that it might have been a get Sam to skip for longer plot…hmmmm

After this was a vipr / core bag round of warm up activities which involved me nearly clouting an unsuspecting gym goer around the head with a vipr and some clean and presses.

We then invaded the free weights area with the intent of breaking down and starting to learn snatches.


we broke it down and practiced the movements including overhead squats and snatches with a stick so that I didn’t fling myself over, it turns out it is tricky. Not least because I haven’t got sufficient shoulder / upper back mobility to do a full overhead squat. I am working on that though. I did some more with the small bar, and then we moved on to using the olympic bar and I did some clean and jerks and some hang cleans 😀

next was more strength stuff using the low bars that we have used before, the ones I mentioned that have knurling on the handles that hurt your hands… on these, we did everything super slow, because this is apparently good for building strength, and not just being hurty!

like this, only holding onto small bars rather than the floor

ON these I did: super slow press ups, and one tiny face plant where I went too far down too slowly and couldn’t get back up, Slow battle rams, slow side to sides, Table holds, table holds with one arm in the air, press up to twisting round and raising up one arm (sort of like a plank row, with no dumbbell and a press up in the middle which I have just remembered are called T-pressups) and squat thrust jumps in which I managed to jump my feet considerably further forward than I expected!

Then we moved to the trx to work the opposing muscles to all those press-up-y movements, and did:
Rows, high wide armed rows, squat-ish to y shaped fly thingies, then some shoulder mobility, which was hard, because I have much less shoulder mobility than I would like – probably because I spend all day (trying not to be) hunched over a desk.

some time was spent upside down

The last section before boxing was floor work, in which I did, superman holds, tripod headstands and things where you start in downward dog and move into a press up position, then do a pressup then move back, only without it being a dive bomber!

then there was hitting and kicking and general violence…although, I am not aggressive…not at all!

We did both single combos and combined some to make a long combo, which we managed to get right approximately 50% of the time and the other half was spent with one or other of us forgetting something…but somehow (as I have said before) no-one actually got hurt so it was all good 😀

after all this excitement, I had to go to work, which is really not as much fun, but it is necessary. As this involves a lot of sitting down I decided to break up the day with a walk.

PicFrame (2)
purple hat

it was a very nice walk, I wasn’t a route march it was just a pleasant walk through the spring sunshine…and \i had my purple hat on…which is always good!

It was a good way to stretch my legs in the middle of the day 🙂

Last but by no means least on this awesome Wednesday of crazy was Mythago dance practice.

We have started practicing a story for the dancing season. In case I have not explained before, when we dance out we either do stand alone dances, which often have a story attached to them, which is normally related to how the dance got its name or we do a story. \in a story we do dances all linked together with words to tell and represent some stories and legends. I have told you before about the Herne the Hunter story, which we did at Stonehenge, This time we have started practicing The Kings Men story, which is a story I don’t actually know just yet, but I will fill you in on the details when I do… there is a Witch in it, and a King..this much I know 🙂

In other news, I am getting relatively practiced at doing (some) dances in different places, so much so that I just jumped into witch hunt in a brand new place with no warning! Quite a step forward 🙂

In other other news, this Wednesday was the 2 year anniversary of me joining Mythago!

To celebrate this, I did the following dances:

Maiden Castle
Star of the County Down
Our Henry
Standing Stones
Witch Hunt
Raggle Taggle Gypsy (x2)
Hunting Dance
Spank the Monkey

Ind that, was the end of an awesome if tiring Wednesday!

Day 272 complete 😀

7 thoughts on “Day 272: Well of course it was crazy, it was Wednesday!

      1. How’s your energy level by the time mythago starts in the evening? For me it would be the crazy early wakeup time that day that would motivate me to move PT to smother day.


      2. Strangely I am always ok on Wednesday evening. The crazy early wake up time is not fun but once I am up it is not too bad, and the gym is so much quieter in the mornings!


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