Day 273 Tabata Thursday

Well, that title would sound better on a Tuesday, from an alliterative and sound point of view…if you don’t believe it say them bot out loud.

Tabata Tuesday
Tabata Thursday

Seee…Tabata Tuesday sounds better doesn’t it.

However…It was Thursday when I did some tabata, so Tabata Thursday is what it was!

I tried to go for a run, I went to the park, got changed and headed out into the rain, which wasn’t falling when I went in.

Maybe it was the epic wednesday, maybe it was the rain, maybe it was a momentary lapse of reason, I don’t know, but I just was not up for going for a run in the rain. So I went home, and found this in “Ultra Fit Magazine”:

PicFrame (3)

yes you are reading that right, I couldn’t find the energy to run, but I chose instead to do half an hour of tabata training…and yes, you can read that first exercise correctly…burpees. I chose, voluntarily to do a work out that included burpees. and 8 x 20s of burpees with 10s rest in between each set…

all I can say, is it takes a different type of energy…

And…I have to admit, they were not quite as bad as I remember them…still horrible…but not quite as bad as they used to be!

The whole workout consisted of 5 tabata rounds which were each 8 x 20s work 10 s rest. The first round was burpees, second crunches, third high knees, fourth, thrusters (which were a lot like squat presses by a different name), and fifth kettlebell swings. It was by no means an easy option!

PicFrame (4)
I am not sure, but this might make me a samurai….

According to the set routine, the third round was supposed to be high knee skipping, but having no skipping rope, and celings that are not high enough to skip, I substituted High knees without the skipping rope and I am sure it worked just as well 😀

I recommended that you count the reps for which interval to see if you can beat it next time. I did this for every round, except the high knees, which are hard to count…

Kettlebell swings

You would think it would be possible to do more than 4 burpees in 20s…but apparently not…ahh well, I will store this up for the future and see how I improve 😀

Day 273 complete

7 thoughts on “Day 273 Tabata Thursday

  1. ooooh Sam!!! You beat me to Tabata! It’s been on my radar for a while now, but I can’t figure out how to both time myself AND do the sets with such quick switchovers. Did you use a timer? How’d you like the Tabata over all? I’ve heard really positive feedback about it.


    1. I love it! It obviously works, and you can get so much done in such a short time 🙂 especially if you pick the right while body exercises! I would definitely recommend it! I have an app called Pocket WOD which has a tabata timer on it so all beeps and for all the rests and works it is very handy. I am sure there are other apps out there too! This is another example of my complete phone/app addiction!
      Definitely try it is really hard work but worth it 😀


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