Day 274: Running around a traffic warden

Ok..not a traffic warden, a parking services attendant…

yes, it was another silly socks day
either way it was a person who was going to give me a parking fine if they got to my car and noticed that I had not paid for parking as I should have done…

(note, I do normally pay for parking, but I have a slight objection for paying to park in this car park, I think, if you park there and use the gym rather than walk in to town from there, it should be free…however this is not a view shared by the council…and I was not technically using the gym but shhh)

anyway, just before half way around my run, I met a parking services man going towards the car park, so I looped around, behind him and doubled back to my car, then dithered about for about a minute trying to decide whether to go and pay for the parking or whether to just accept the fine…common sense prevailed and I wend and paid for the parking…this did have a tiny effect on my run times…

Traffic warden avoidance run
Traffic warden avoidance run

The reason km 3 took longer than the others was the dithering!

so apart from that excitement, the run was pretty good 🙂 It was week 4 day 1 of the 10k trainer which was 5 min intervals with 1 min walks. For the most part I managed the 5 min intervals 😀 this surprised me! In the middle couple I had to walk for a few paces extra, but all in all not as much as I thought I would have to!

I was slower over all however than the last run, I think I was attempting to pace myself, and there was a little bit of stopping to get money out of the car to take into consideration!

All in all dithering aside, it was a good run 😀

Day 274 complete with silly socks! 😀

10 thoughts on “Day 274: Running around a traffic warden

  1. I had an image of you running circles around the guy while he tried to give you a ticket. Would have made for an epic video.


    1. hahaha I almost did…passed him 3 times in both directions while he watched me break from my run and go and put a ticket on my car…he completely knew what I was doing and that I had been trying to get away with it but I was slightly ahead of him so there was nothing he could do!


  2. I did fine with all the 5 min intervals but it was the 10 minute ones that did me in. Thursday’s run was a disaster with all 10 minute intervals (after one 5 min one to start). So on Saturday I did warm up walk, 5 minute, warm up, 5 minute and then just 1 minute run, 30 sec walk for a bunch and then 1:30 run; 45 walk til I got home (that was DOMS day). I think the shorter fast sprints combined with frequent walk breaks is my best run scenario. My 5k was a personal best time – and that was intervals throughout… Makes me think that this 10k training is going to torture me to no end (with long run blocks) and it won’t improve my time any, as my run gets slower and slower the longer I go. Will give wk 5 a try this week, but will hold out my right to switch back to shorter run/walk intervals if that is what drives better finish times…

    p.s. your socks are great!


    1. I am thinking the same sort of thing! I will see how the 10 min intervals go, but I just don’t seem very good at long endurance type runs, where I f I just give myself a walk for a min every 4 – 5 mins or so I can keep adding intervals on the end for ages!

      I think I have fewer of the type of muscle fibres that make you good at endurance and more of the sort that make you good at short bursts of power…but I have no proof so I am going to keep trying for the next couple of weeks and see how it goes!


      1. Me too. Let’s keep each other posted.
        In fact, I may do the wk 5 day 1 in the way they prescribe it (assuming I can do all 10 min runs with no walk breaks) and then a couple days later I’m going to do an equal time run (52 minutes, or whatever it is) using my own approach (5 run, 1 walk, etc.) and see which one provides better pace time. It will be interesting…


      2. that is a good idea! I am going to experiment with HR monitoring to see if that helps me go for longer. I don’t feel like I am out of breath when I stop, but the girl I ran with on sunday says you should keep HR below 150bpm then you should be able to run a continuous 5k.
        mind you we tried that on sunday and I did run further and walked less but I was much much slower…
        I will be interested to see what you decide. I may just accept that I will do intervals If I can do 5 min intervals for an hour with 1 mins walking in between that is still 50 mins of running which is pretty good…


      3. my HR runs high even at resting – so for me to stay below 150 means I’d have to be going suuuuuper slow…

        I’m looking at it this way: if I was able to do the 5k in less than 34 minutes, than I’m hoping I can do a 10k in less than 1:20. My stretch goal will be 1:15. From everything I’ve read, it’s not as simple as saying double your 5k time (for obvious reasons). So I’m thinking 5k time X2 plus added buffer for slower pace. Right now it does seem a long, long way off though…


      4. I found that! I could hardly get it to be 155 and still be actually running!

        I will see what happens when I get my own HR monitor… I will work out my HR zones as well..I did them on my course and haven’t actually used them might help…

        the last time I ran a 10k in 2010 I did it in 1 hr 42 mins so If I get less than that I will be happy!
        I am aiming for less than 1.5 hrs as I do 5k in about 40 mins maybe a bit less… however…I still want to just not come last…there are hills you know!!


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