Day 275: Lots of walking and some Jillian Michaels

I did a lot of walking on Saturday.

Well…I did some walking on Saturday…not a route march or anything…but I ended up doing 4.7 miles (7.5km) which is not too bad

Rachel...looking all 1940s in Winchester
Rachel…looking all 1940s in Winchester

All this was in the process of investigating the venue for a wedding that my friend Rachel and I are doing the photos for in August. we then went and had a bit of a jaunt around Winchester because I have never been and Rachel went to uni there…it also meant I got to take some pictures, one of which was of Rachel.

<— there it is!

she doesn’t have horns..that is a 1940s victory roll hairstyle! I am aware of hairstyles in other people…it is not really something that happens to me…I just get extreme curls!

Extreme curls and laziness when it comes to hair styling…

Anyhow, after a pleasant morning walking around Winchester (and learning stuff like Winchester was once the capital of England…apparently people know things like that…I have a blotchy grasp of history…) I made my way home to the tune of an internal debate about whether I should go for a run considering I ran on Friday and had a charity run coming up on Sunday .  Eventually I remembered the advice I gave myself a couple of weeks ago about not running too many days in a row and decided to do something else instead.

(I decided…and also slightly fell asleep and ran out of time…shhh)

The something else I chose was level 3 30 day shred

while this might look like a normal is actually part of a jumping lunge!
while this might look like a normal lunge…it is actually part of a jumping lunge!

It was still hard! It contains such things as mountain climbers and jumping lunges and plank rows with leg raises.

Plank rows with leg raises…there is something I am fairly sure I couldn’t have done 6 months ago! If you had told me then I had to do a plank and lift first my arm of the floor then my leg (after putting my arm back down…obviously) I would just have looked at you and fallen on my face…maybe due to the effort, and maybe just in shock!

Day 275 Complete 😀

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