Extra: Mordor Update

Good morning 🙂

I thought it was about time for a ‘Walking to Mordor’ challenge update 🙂

There is good news! I have made it to Rivendell and 50 miles beyond! (it is 458 miles to Rivendell…those hobbits really did go some!)

The last homely house
The last homely house

all in all I have now, walked, run, danced, 505 ish miles!

It is definitely incentive to move more during the day and put in as much extra movement as possible…

I am currently second in the group playing this game, Rachel’s Dad (TOny is way way out in front) But that is ok…he can warn us of any nazgul and get the drinks in at the rest stops!

mordor update

The other good thing that has happened now we have passed Rivendell is we have picked up the rest of our fellowship…


I am hoping to get axe wielding lessons from Gimli along the way 🙂

That is all for todays fact/fiction line blurring! I feel the need for a sneaky walk 🙂

6 thoughts on “Extra: Mordor Update

  1. My fitbit is pissing me off. In particular for non walking/running workouts. For example, last night I did 90 minutes on the elliptical. The machine told me I had gone 7 ish miles. My fitbit registered 2.8. So I input the activity manually, which then registered as 90 active minutes and loads if calories burned BUT did nothing to impact the steps. Grrrr

    I’d like to know how many steps I’ve taken!!!


    1. THe problem with fitbits on things like elipticals is the lack of impact (which is a good thing from a body point of view) but the fitbit needs the “shock” that goes through you as a result of a step which you don’t get on the elliptical.
      I agree, it is annoying, but I just add everything else as an activity. I can see why it must be annoying if you do that far on something like the eliptical which is an actual stepping / distance based exercise!
      I guess for me it is not so bad as the main cardio type exercise I do like that is running outside which it registers pretty well,
      Could you add it as running, the running activities do impact the steps I believe…


      1. Ahh, good point. But, I haven’t seem where you can input a distance; rather just a time. And if I put 90 mins running, it would hopefully be more than 7 miles. Then again, maybe not. 😉


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