Day 278: Insert running reference here

Ok…I was out of title inspiration so just pretend I called this post something awesome and witty!

I’ll admit it…the walk only day on Monday did me good! I awoke on Tuesday feeling like a human person…

(shhh…yes…I know that is highly unlikely even with rest!)

I managed a 2.7km walk at lunchtime even though it was raining…it was (as usual) just nice to get out of the office and away from the endless sitting 🙂

The main achievement of the day, however, came along in my after work run!



In case the picture wasn’t enough of a give away, it was week 4 day 2 of the 10k trainer! After my experimentation with running slower and more constantly on sunday, I reverted completely to type and followed the intervals with faster (ish) running with recovery walking intervals… It worked…I was quicker over all, and especially in the one interval where a stupid man was walking just in front of me as I got to a walk interval, then when I came to run again he kept speeding up so I couldn’t get past sensibly, he was almost speed walking! I do not know if this is his normal style or whether he was being an idiot but it was annoying so I ended up running much faster than

T1000…it was just like this!

I find comfortable for a couple of minutes until I had to walk sooner than I wanted to at which point he started gaining on me again so I had to go again…it was quite creepy and probably not only because I had zombie story playing in my ears…It reminded me of the relentless T1000 in Terminator 2

Anyhow, that was in the second to last 5 min interval and he did turn off in the end so I could get back to pacing myself and going as planned.


The thing that pleased me most (apart from escaping from the creepy power walking T1000 man zombie with my life) was the fact that despite walking in the middle two 5 min intervals (only for a bout 10 steps) I managed to keep running for virtually the whole 10 min run! at about 8 mins walked a couple of steps by accident to stop myself falling over while I put my phone back in my pocket, but I even carried on running into the cool down at the end to make up for it :-D.

The most noticeable thing about this is km 5 which you can see up there is the last blue bar, and it is much shorter than all the rest, that km is the one that was entirely in the 10 min interval…so this proves to me that I would be quicker if I could find a way to sustain the running.

It is probably just practice!

woohoo for running and improving and not getting kidnapped by a terminator!

Day 278 complete 🙂

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