Day 279: Did someone have the plot…I seem to have lost mine!

Wednesday morning started off in an awesome if early and slightly confusing way…

IT started with PT at 7am, and this weeks bizarre warm up of choice included these things:
agility warm upThe hexagons were for running through, in various footwork patterns, and the hurdle-y whatsits were for jumping over. I felt a tiny bit like i was on a dog agility course…but there were no wiggle posts so that was ok.

ok…actually is was fun, and I can see the benefit in terms of footwork speed and balance and such like 🙂 I did ask if normal people got to to this sort of thing in their training…apparently not…apparently it is just me! This pleases me!

Following this we moved on to lifting stuff up and putting it down again.
Starting with Bench presses, 1 set of 8 @ 20kg as a warm up followed by 2 x 3@40kg
woohoo 40kg bench press! that is a record! (even though only 3 of them were unassisted, it was still a record) 😀

After this, we moved on to snatches, where I did 5 with the 10 kg bar un weighted, 5 @ 15 kg on the small bar and 5 with the 20kg olympic bar 😀 woohoo so much better than last week! and I didn’t fall over backwards at all!
Then 1 armed rows, 3 @ 22 kg and 3 @ 20kg per arm with overhead squats with the stick in between!
the rows were another PB 😀 the overhead squats are still tricky mind you, I still have less than ideal hip mobility due to sitting down all day. It is improving but it is not there yet, so I have trouble squatting and keeping my arms overhead enough.

Following that lot, we did TRX work (no PT session would be complete without TRX after all)
I had to do narrow armed press ups with external wrist rotation on the up phase , 1/2 pull ups from squat on my toes, and pikes and pikes with hip abduction.
In the middle of that lot, while Matt was sorting out the trx, I had to do tabletop holds down to dips…
then candle sticks for core strength… which are things where you start in a hollow body hold then raise your legs up so your bum comes off the ground and lower back down again…all with your arms above your head.

why is (nearly) everything harder with your arms above your head??

then boxing…without my arms above my head. Boxing with your arms above your head would be impossible!

We did short combos and defence and practiced moving around…or rather I had to move around and go backwards and not relentlessly come forwards like I have a tendency to do…backing off is hard!!

Then there was chatting…I mean stretching, not chatting stretching…

IMG_3369[1]and then there was a day, which blurred into boredom punctuated by a walk in which a squirrel tried to make me play hide and seek! tricksy things squirrels…it won easily!

I think it cheated by using super squirrely abilities to leap from tree to tree!

Then there was dancing 😀 lots and lots of dancing 😀 which was fun…apart from the brief moment when I lost the plot a little bit by suddenly crying because I got a bit in a dance wrong…
which was actually pretty silly because people get bits in the dances wrong all the time (including me) and tears are rarely the result…I wasn’t even that upset. I can only conclude I am over tired and suffering from preemptive cake stress, which is the result of having to make and decorate a wedding cake…it always happens. always when I have to make cakes…which I love doing but it also makes me worry and unexpectedly cry.

there I am in the red…

anyway, the rest of the dancing made up for it!

We did Maiden Castle (x2), Star of the county Down, Our Henry, Standing Stones, Broomstick, Poison Pie, Earth Mother, Triskele, Fanny frail.

Lots of fun, and I have regained the plot!

Day 279 complete! 😀

8 thoughts on “Day 279: Did someone have the plot…I seem to have lost mine!

  1. OH MY! That is some crazy heavy lifting, Sam!!! You are a monster!

    and as to your question: “why is (nearly) everything harder with your arms above your head??”, I suspect you know the answer already, but it’s clearly because you are turning any activity into a CV one by making your heart work harder to send the blood up there. 🙂

    p.s. You’re a fitness maniac, a prolific photographer AND you make wedding cakes??? Is there anything you can’t do, woman?


    1. Hehe it was crazy heavy! I daren’t do 40kg bench on my own just yet! 40 kg rows and deadlifts but not bench without a spotter!
      I don’t make many wedding cakes 🙂
      I do most “crafty” things but there are lots if things I can’t do…I am not very good at swimming and my time management is a bit iffy…


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