Day 280: How many gym stereotypes can you fit in to one gym?

I have to say…quite a few!

There were the people who worked biceps…only biceps for the whole time I was in the gym…(I know they could be as dedicated to other body parts on different days but still over an hour of bicep curls?).

There were the groups of (attempting to be) pumped up looking boys clustered around the freeweights equipment lounging and chatting while their mate did one set, waiting for their turn.

There were people using the bench press bench to put their feet on doing lunges, people doing pullups and dips in the squat rack, people spending an hour nearly doing their bench press sets.

these are clips…check them before waving a loaded bar about!

There was the person show failed to check the clips were on the loaded bar before picking it up, tipping it and depositing 2 10kg plates about 10cm from my foot. (ok..not actually a stereotype but shhh)

There were also quite a few (hundred) people who were just attempting to get on with their work outs…me included!

Suffice to say Thursday evening at 6pm is not the  time to go to my gym if you want to get your work out done as planned and efficiently!

Although I do feel slightly guilty for judging / complaining about all these people as I really know nothing about them…I am leaving all that in because I was annoyed and nearly had 10kg plates dropped on my feet!

Ok…so far I have told you that I am intolerant of other humans and the gym was busy…

I suppose I should tell you some details of what I did there, apart from walk over to the freeweights area, look cross and go and do something else for a while…

firstly I got on a treadmill!

yes, you heard me I voluntarily got on a treadmill!

look…proof…there are my feet…on a treadmill!
I tried to run on it, I tried…

I managed 6 mins mostly walking with two approximately 1 min bursts of running(ish)

and then the whole thing got too scary and I considered myself warmed up and went and surveyed the freeweights area in vain for a minute or two until it became clear that it was pointless and went to the trx.
Here I did:
10 per leg 1 legged squats, 10 per leg slow mountain climbers, 5 pikes and 5 narrow press ups.

Fixed barbells…exactly like this…

at this point I spied some space near the fixed weight barbells and went and grabbed it! and did:
Rows 1 x 5 @ 40kg, 3 x 5 @35kg
Deadlifts 1 x 5 @ 40kg, 3 x 5 @35kg
Clean and Press 1 x 5 @25kg, 3 x 5 @20kg
squats 4 x 5@25kg

at this point the bench press was still being used so I grabbed the lat pull down machine and did
4 x 5 @35kg

then finally…bench presses 2 x 5 @32.5kg, 3 x 5 @30kg
woohoo done 🙂

It took far longer than it should have done but at least I did it 🙂

I also remembered how much I like this sort of strength training, and that I need to do more of it…

Day 280 complete 😀

12 thoughts on “Day 280: How many gym stereotypes can you fit in to one gym?

  1. I am so tempted to take out my phone and start snapping pictures of all the people who literally sit and chat 80% of the time they’re in the gym. Why bother going if you’re not going to sweat???


    1. I know! There were packs of chatty people everywhere…1 working 6 standing around near them! I tried to take pictures but I was too surreptitious about the whole thing and the turned out rubbish.


      1. The worst are the ones who lay about on the mats /stretching area – lounging and chatting. There were one couple who did that the entire 10,000 meters I rowed.


  2. That drives me nuts, the people who are there for the social experience. There’s cafes and coffee shops for that! You can tell the types, they’ve spent millions on their workout gear but then are too afraid to get it sweaty and dirty.

    Great work with the treadmill too – I can’t use them, I just get bored!


    1. I quite hate treadmills, but I think my fear of them is slightly irrational so I should at least be able to use them…I find them very boring too…6 mins is a record!


  3. Here in China we get some really interesting stereotypes:
    1 – iPad runner. The person who is going at speed 2.5 while watching their favourite drama on their iPad.
    2 – Mr Denim – the guy who doesn’t feel the need to change for the gym and turns up in jeans and a polo (these are usually the ones who don’t break a sweat)
    3 – The Eyeball – the one who spends almost his entire workout watching your workout (sometimes this is the same as a CopyCat gymmer but most of the time is creepy and judgmental).
    4 – The Guy You Don’t Know Who Wants To Practice His English With You When You Are Clearly Trying To Work Out. (Self explanatory)

    All we can do is block out these people, hope they stop hogging the machine and get on with our workouts!


    1. Haha! The eyeball sounds intensely creepy!
      I can normally block them out but this time it was compounded by the fact that oroe seemed to be attempting to walk through me and drop things in me! One guy was so close walking last that I mad to stop in the middle of a clean and press sink didn’t knock his head off! And I wasn’t even using the Olympic bar!
      It is odd because I hadn’t noticed that I was invisible before that… 😉


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