Day 281: Running with lead legs is hard!

Friday evening after work heralded Week 4 Day 3 of the 10k training.

It was 1 x 5 min run interval, followed by 3 x 10 min runs separated by 1 min walks…

IMG_3439[1]The first 5 min interval was ok…I am used to those now, the first 10 min seemed like t was going to be ok, I had to walk a few steps about 6 mins in, but carried on after a very short time. I felt slow but I was hoping things would improve after this as they seem to do during the second half of my runs…

sadly this was not to be the case!

I started to feel like I was running through treacle…either that or someone had swapped my legs for Lead ones. They just felt heavier and heavier as time went on! I couldn’t really find my stride, I couldn’t really get my breathing right, it was all in all an unimpressive run!

However, I did manage to keep going, I had to walk more often than I wanted in the last two 10 min intervals, but never for more than about 30s before I kept going…

maybe my legs were tired from the rest of the week, who knows…however, this is a bad run, everyone has them occasionally, next one will be better 😀




The good things to consider are:
I didn’t find it as impossible as I would have don this time last year!

I still went 5km even if it was slow.

I got to run in the light so I took some pictures to show you 😀 (not that that did my overall pace any good but shhh)

Here’s to a better run next time 🙂

Day 281 complete 😀

11 thoughts on “Day 281: Running with lead legs is hard!

    1. I will keep at it and see what happens, I am sure it will just be a bad run and the rest will get better..

      part of the problem is I am getting more enthusiastic about lifting again and therefore want to do more of it which means my legs get sore..I just need to concentrate on the running until after the 10k!

      I will keep going at week 5 but I am not moving on from the 10 min intervals until I can do them every time! If that means I have to stay with them and run the 10k in 10 min intervals then so be it…but I am sure I will get past them 😀


      1. I’m still undecided as to whether the bigger running blocks help or hurt my overall pace. Wk 5 Day 2 was all 10 min runs. My overall pace was much slower than the previous runs. On wk 5 day 1 I followed the prompts for the first half and then just did 2 min runs and 30 second walks the second half, with a much better pace. I’ll keep playing with it to see what works.


      2. yeah, me too…my pace was better for the 10 min run I managed in the second to last run, but that might just have been luck…I will give week 5 a try then see how it goes!


  1. Well done for keeping at it and finishing 5k. I’ve given up following a “plan” for 5k or 10k. My son started running parkrun with me last September and has improved his time by over 10 minutes. All we’ve done is increase the running interval by 30s each time he gets a PB. The run takes longer when we increase the running interval as the pace gets slower. Last week was only 7s slower than the new PB the previous week though so it’s looking good for another increase shortly after Easter 🙂 We are going to do the York 10k together at the beginning of August but we’ll just carry on doing whatever interval we’re up to for the race – if he can do 5k, he can do 10! 😛


    1. I like the idea of that sort of small increase! I am following a 10k trainer app which increased things in small increments at first then jumped from 5 min intervals to 10 mins which is a big increase if you are me!
      Oh well I will see how it goes 😀


  2. I struggled with what I call “dead legs” and I found it so discouraging! But someone told me it was leg fatigue and to modify my runs and let my legs recover properly. I had been trying to strictly follow a training program but found that modifying doesn’t mean you’re failing at it, you’re just finding what works best for you. This is what I appreciate about the discovery process when it comes to trying something new!


    1. Thanks 🙂 you are right, I am going to experiment with different intervals and a new training app to try and combat it 🙂 it is hard to remember that training plans are not really one size fits all! 😀


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