Day 284: 15kg down

Good morning 🙂

At body pump last night a couple of things happened…

IMG_3443[1]1) I upped my weights on nearly every track and remembered that I should stagger it more…

b) I piled up 3 5kg weights and then realised that this was the amount of weight I have lost so far… 15kg feels like so much when it is sitting there in big blocks like that!

This pleased me 🙂 It is  undoubtedly good to remind myself of things like that once in a while, because I still feel like there is so far to go!

As for body pump…well, as I said, I really must remember not to up my weights on nearly every track on the same day!

the only ones I didn’t up my weight on were shoulders and triceps…triceps because it is all done with dumbbells and weight plates, of which thee is a limited choice (and it is hard!) and shoulders because by that point, I was broken!

Ok…not literally broken…but tired!

Squats was ok…but I have now reached the limit if increasing weight I can do for a while…at least until I get better at lifting weights over my head…I can squat heavier…I might even be able to squat heavier for the body pump track (maybe…) but I am not convinced of my ability to lift the whole thing over my head again at the end and the possibility of having to be rescued from my squat bar does not appeal!!

IMG_3444[1]The chest track was still silly with the weight I chose, but I am improving, which is the point, there is no benefit in doing easy weights! (well there is, but only if you are not as crazy used to it as I am…)

Both the bicep track and the back track, although I upped the weight, I downed the weight again half way through the track…but I would rather do this than only complete half the reps! I will up them again next week and see how far I get 😀

All in all I am pleased with the progress, and there is no point in only giving a half-hearted effort (that is my excuse any way)…

Day 284 Complete


6 thoughts on “Day 284: 15kg down

  1. Okay, so I finally just got what you meant by not being able to lift it over your head (while referencing the squat track), like you did in our email exchange last night. You mean, lifting it over your head to get it onto and off of your shoulders at the start and end of the track!!! AHHHH!

    And I totally get it. When I was up to 25kg for squats before my break, the hardest part was getting the bar up on my shoulders.


    1. hehehe yes 🙂
      I had a feeling I hadn’t explained that well…

      I had visions of just standing there with the weight on my shoulders until someone came to lift it down…at which point I might have to go home out of embarrassment!


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