Extra: New month’s resolution…

That is a thing!

yes it is!

why not…if new years can have resolutions new months can too!

and I didn’t make any in January either so April resolutions it is!

I want to be able to get up and work out in the morning. It makes so much sense, it will give me more time spare in the evening, it will allow me to add extra workouts in and allow me to boost my metabolism for the whole day (or at least the whole morning)




however me and mornings are not friends!

getting out of bed at 5:30 – 6am when I don’t actually have to just seems so hard. I want to do it at every point apart from the moment the alarm goes off!

I know logically it is only awful for the first 10 mins…

I know all the benefits and logical arguments I have already stated are true.

I just need to find a way to convince myself of this in the morning.

To get up and be at the gym by 7am I need to be out of bed by 5:40 because it is a 15 min drive away, I have to get all my bags packed for the gym and work that I have failed to pack the night before and I need to have drunk coffee before I can drive anywhere!

All of that and the 5:xx time stamp make the whole idea of doing that every day daunting so I have a cunning plan…

BaldrickIt is as cunning as a fox who has graduated from the university of Oxford with a degree in cunning!

ok…it isn’t but you get the idea.

My reasoning is thus:

If I could eliminate the 5:xx timing the whole thing may seem more palatable. To do this I have to eliminate some of the things I have to do in the morning before I can work out. The main things are “get ready” and “drive to the gym” so…If I get up and workout at home, I can get up at 6am, work out, and still be in time to have a shower and breakfast as normal.

So my April resolution is to get up at 6am every work day and do a work out at home, probably a DVD based one to remove the need to think too hard at that time in the morning!

The only exception to this is the days I have PT on which I still have to get up and do all the faffing about to enable me to get to the gym!

I know this seems very obvious, and if you are one of those get up and work out people you are probably wondering why I don’t just get on with getting up, and why it takes this much forethought…

I can’t actually answer this question…I have tried mornings and they remain my biggest challenge so I am setting myself small steps! In May I might progress on to going to the gym in the morning…who knows!

I will of course keep you posted on my progress, I am already doubting my ability to do this..but I am determined to try!

(By the way…I already did early today as it was PT so the first day of earlies is done)


14 thoughts on “Extra: New month’s resolution…

  1. Oh good for you Sam!! Working out first thing is awesome for so many reasons, not the least of which is the impact on your metabolism all day long. Go you for doing this! You have my full respect. I just can’t work out first thing. Well, that’s a lie. I can. I just choose not to. 🙂 Unless I have to, like on travel days, etc. But then I bitch about it incessantly. 🙂


    1. Now, in the bright sunshine of the afternoon, it seems so logical!

      I am going to have a hard time making myself do it tomorrow morning that much I do know!

      Hopefully by the end of April it will be more of a habit!


      1. that’s what I’m going to do with my new monthly challenges set up. watch for a post Thursday with my usual ‘wrap up/summary’ and then a post this coming Tues with my ‘new rules’ for monthly challenges: i.e. I must declare them at the beginning of the month. The whole, just tell people what I did AFTER I did it was a major cop out on my part. Fixing that from April and going forward. 🙂


      2. I shall look forward to reading it 🙂

        I find that putting things up for the world to see is a good way of keeping me accountable 🙂

        April is a good month for resolutions 🙂 much better than January!


  2. Haha Love this!!! I honestly have been struggling with the same issue. I used to work out during the day but due to life changes, I need to get my workout in at like 5:30. I started setting an alarm that exclaims “wake up. workout. no excuses!!!” And I sleep in my workout clothes and get my workout in at home! Your plan may seem obvious to all those morning people but I think it’s quite cunning myself 🙂


  3. When I started early morning workouts (alarm goes off at 5:30 – at the gym for 6:20 opening) I found the biggest thing was being organised the night before. It’s an absolute must. I have it organised as far as having the espresso cup ready on the tassimo machine with the pod ready to just blearily-eyed press the button! All food is prepared, all clothes laid out, bag packed. It’s annoying when you forget to get things ready and really want to go to bed rather than faffing about cutting carrot sticks and preparing pots of cottage cheese, but it is he only way to go as far as I’m concerned!!!!!!


    1. It is not so bad at the moment as I am only working out at home…when I progress on to getting out if the house in the morning I will have to do this! At the moment I am just concentrating on not going back to bed!


  4. I’m the total opposite with this, I love getting up early to work out (or an approximation of working out anyway…) If I waited to do it after work, it’d never happen – I know, I’ve tried! I say, find the best time for you, don’t force yourself to work out in the morning if you really hate it, but give it a go, you might like it once you get into it 🙂


    1. I like it once I get up…sort of…

      I am just so bad at getting up…

      it is nearly the end of April, and I am nearly going to have to confess that I almost totally failed at morning workouts!


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