Day 285: Just when I was getting used to Wednesdays…

I have PT on a Tuesday!
Mind you it was an awesome way to improve a Tuesday 😀

Awesome but hard which, to be honest, is a good thing in a PT session…If it were dull and easy it would be Zumba not worth it.

we started off with the normal quick cross trainer workout and simple mobility, then moved on to some more advanced hard to describe hip mobility exercises.

Because apparently it is good for me…with my rubbish, sit down all day, hips…

this is an approximation of what we did:
Squat hip wiggles – full squat, then make little circles with your hips
Extended lunges
Side lunges, using the trx for support, sitting right back and going right down.
Squat bum lift reach forward thing – which is a full squat then you reach forward and raise your bum up.

they were all hard, maybe because I need to do them more…

We didn’t spend too long on them because they are not fun…but they are important. Apparently I should do them every day…I might…maybe…

Then we moved on to what can only be described as crazy strength work!

a little like this, only I am not a muscular man and was wearing more clothes…


we started with overhead squats, still with a broomstick as my hip mobility still needs work (hence all that stuff up there!). I still tip forward a little bit when I go into a full squat, but I am improving slowly!

Then snatches which I have apparently now got the hang of and do not need to practice with anything and can go straight into using the olympic bar.  8 snatches, 20kg, only stopping once to pull my trousers up…

They didn’t actually fall down…but they did drop somewhat…

his, but with straight legs, facing the other way and I am still not a muscular man...
this, but with straight legs, facing the other way and I am still not a muscular man…

then something that looked a little like the picture and was almost a dip…Matt called it a Jump to Dip…

First of all, I had to hold the bars, jump up to holding my bodyweight up with straight arms. then dip down.

No help to climb up nothing, just jump push hold yourself up there.

On my first attempt I most unexpectedly managed it! 😀 It went slightly wrong after that as I was so surprised that  I could hold myself up there that I forgot to brace my legs and core and started swinging about. I managed to stop and lower myself slowly down, which was a bit like a dip only without going back up again!  😀

THe second and third goes were better, I remembered to brace and the whole thing was a lot more controlled. I can’t do a full dip with the down and the up…but I can do the lowering myself down slowly rather than just dropping…which is a good start!

Just as I was getting the hang of that, I had to add in a tuck, then finally, a tuck but hold it there as long as possible, which was quite a long time, until my hands hurt… 😀

Once I had recovered from the shock of all this I had to do some clean and jerks with the olympic bar…6 of them to be precise and only one trouser stop…on reflection I should get rid of those trousers…or at least see if I can take them in!

then trx, chest press and inverted rows, and then, the most sensible thing to do when you arms and shoulders have just been worked like crazy…

a handstand!

of course!

Then came some boxing drills and some super fast awesome boxing drills to prove that we were better than some other personal training people who were doing very dull boxing drills which looked a lot more like boxercise than real boxing…

well..that is what I was doing anyway…

There was also a bit where I should have learned by now to keep my mouth shut…

Telling Matt that I had been doing burpees and such like at home as part of a tabata work out turned out to be a mistake…

like this…only wearing boxing gloves

Matt took this to mean, I love doing all these tortuous bodyweight exercises, please randomly

intersperse them into my boxing! Mixed in with boxing combos, I had to do:
Burpees, squat jumps, spilt jumps, plank and high knees.

I had to resist the temptation to miss the pad when kicking him 😀

so that was Tuesday morning…

Just in case I hadn’t had enough craziness, I used my lunchtime to try week 5 day 1 of my 10k trainer app. I have found (been told about by Nancy at myyearofsweat) another app that steps up the intervals in smaller increments, (6 mins and 7 mins) rather than jumping straight to 10 mins and also has longer overall run times. I am going to try this on my next evening run but only had 45 mins so tried this one.



The intervals were 3 x 10 min runs with 2 min walks in between. It actually went better than I expected.

The first 10 min interval went pretty well, and my pace according to that magic strava graph thingy was quite consistent.  The second and third 10 mins were not quite as good, I had to walk a couple of times in both of them, maybe 3 in the last one, therefore my pace went all wrong.

Or maybe I had to walk in the last intervals because my pace went all wrong and I wasn’t pacing myself properly…I have never quite figured it out!

It was still a much better run than the disaster of last Friday, my legs felt much better and I managed to maintain a higher average pace so I am pretty pleased with it 😀

After all that, Day 285 Complete 😀

14 thoughts on “Day 285: Just when I was getting used to Wednesdays…

  1. So much gold here to comment on:
    1. Zumba snark = gold!
    2. Your comment on the weightlifting graphic = brilliant!
    3. You did some sort of dip thing!! What?? Fantastic!

    You rock.


    1. I couldn’t resist the zumba comment 😉 and I just had to make it clear that I am not a muscular man of any sort! 😀

      When I jumped to hold myself up, I was so shocked that my arms could hold me I nearly fell down again. I was really not expecting them to hold me!

      Matt was impressed, but didn’t seem as surprised as I did!

      My arms really ache now!!


  2. “Matt took this to mean, I love doing all these tortuous bodyweight exercises, please randomly intersperse them into my boxing!”

    Hahahahahaha. An error anyone trying to impress their PT has run into


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