Day 286: 6am is so early!!!

Yes, I am aware that there are many people who get up earlier than this regularly.

That changes nothing about my feelings towards 6am!

6am-clock1However, drag myself out of bed I did, I fought the temptation to get straight back in that lasted for a good 15 mins after getting up, and stumbled my way downstairs to do something energetic.

Due to my ridiculously slow rate of preparing for this activity, I only had time to do the 30 day  shred.

I decided to do level 1 again…I know I can do more than that, but level 1 is still a pretty good work out and it was early! I did it, and I felt awful doing it! I was not awake and it wasn’t until circuit 3 that I felt even vaguely alive!

However, once it was done, and I had showered, I felt a tiny bit proud of myself for doing it! Especially when you consider that when I awoke I could hardly move my arms after all that craziness in PT!

I am sure it will get better…and if nothing else, two early days in a row is better than I have done for a looong time!

And now for the much more pleasant exercises of the day!

Firstly my lunchtime walk 🙂 2.7km of walking in the not quite sunny but warm spring day. The most notable incident of the

For the non uk residents among you, that orange thing is a train ticket...
For the non uk residents among you, that orange thing is a train ticket…

walk was my unsolicited meeting with a medium sized cat. This meeting may answer a lot of questions about how cats appear to have such a large territory when they are being tracked by scientist types. This one had dropped his ticket, and was initially slightly suspicious of me (and possibly slightly guilty about having his secret discovered!) But he quickly rallied and demanded immediate stroking, probably to distract me and in the hope that I would forget all about the ticket!

Sneaky cat!

After this startling discovery, I didn’t think the day could get any more exciting…until I remembered it was Wednesday, and of course there was still dancing to come 😀 😀

look...dancing :-)
look…dancing 🙂

<— there it is…the dancing, well, some of the dancing 🙂

We are blury because we were moving so fast!

I am in there…can you spot me?

It was an awesome practice, we ran through the whole of the Kings Men Story, which we are planning to dance out for the first time in ages on 19th April. I ended up worming my way into all of the dances, which will be challenging, but fun 🙂

One day I will remember that I don’t have to dance everything, and that I should let others have a go really…

one day…

Technically I didn’t dance everything…I passed on Labyrinth because it still scares confuses me!

The dances I did do were:
Our Henry
Star of the County Down
Maiden Castle
Witch Hunt
Standing Stones
Hunting Dance
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Sticky Dance (x2)
Spank the Monkey
Fanny Frail

which was a lot of dancing!

Day 286 Complete 😀

7 thoughts on “Day 286: 6am is so early!!!

  1. My April Pledge requires 3 day of morning workouts before work : Tue/Wed/Thur where I have to get up at 6am.

    I know from experience that (unlike you) I can’t do ANYTHING “energetic” at 6am. So what I did was plan my favourite or lighter exercises for the morning (e.g. obliques, calves, forearms, shoulders). All the ones I don’t have to get up and lie down for over and over. So far this has worked because my mind is going “it’s so early but… it’s only forearms so I can sit down) haha.

    The two things that are impossible for me in the morning – cardio/plyometrics [FORGET IT] or legs. That is 1,000 levels of “nope” for me.


    1. well…I am not that great at it either!!

      It is a work in progress, I found the aerobic sections of the circuits really hard, and have not quite managed to get up every day!

      I am considering readjusting my goal as 6am leaves me with too little sleep!

      I like the idea of scheduling a less bouncy exercise early mind you…I might give this some thought 🙂


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