Extra: Morning workout update…

I might have to rethink this morning work out challenge.

I failed again to get up this morning…I tried, I really did, but I was soo sleepy.

Snoopy has it right!

Not “I am ok really but feel like a bit extra” sort of sleepy the real “I am so tired I can’t make my arms and legs move before my eyes close again” sleepy!

Taking this into account, and the way I felt during Wednesday morning’s work out I have decided that this challenge needs a rethink.

I am not giving up the idea altogether as I still really want to be able to get morning workouts in as I am convinced of the benefits of working out early!

I am also convinced of the benefits of getting enough sleep! Or, more accurately the detrimental effects of not getting enough sleep! (Some info Here and here.) Just cutting 5 hours off my weekly total amount of sleep is not going to work.

SO here is my new plan:

New policy!
New policy!

I am going to aim to get up early and work out 3 days out of 5 during the working week including my PT day.

It is likely that these days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday which may seem odd but they are the days when I have no fixed evening work out so in theory it would mean I can then have the evening free to do something else, like study… (one of these may vary depending on when I have PT)

As I discovered on Wednesday,  the idea of getting up then working out straight away is good only in theory. At least this is true if you are me, which I am so I should know! So I am going to have to get up a little bit earlier and make those mornings count!

Which means, gym or run rather than home work out.

Which means getting myself super organised the night before so I don’t have to do so much in the morning

Which also means…going to bed at a sensible time the night before!

I will keep you all posted about my progress 🙂


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