Days 288…I can deadlift 50kg and make pretty wedding cakes…

But not at the same time…that would be beyond anyone! 🙂

After my morning failure to get up I was grumpy… but the less said about that the better as I have already revised the plan and made one that will (hopefully) work better!

The rest of the day was less active than normal due to enforced sociableness meaning I couldn’t go for a walk like I planned, instead I walked to a pub and drank fizzy water with people from work. It was not as scary a situation as I expected…

In case you hadn’t noticed I am not naturally sociable…

sometimes I am very sociable, but only sometimes!

Anyway…this was not the point of this post, what was it?

Oh yes, I headed down to the gym after work! Following last Thursdays experienceI was half expecting a packed gym but, it turned out to be not too bad,  Earlier evening on a friday seems to be an acceptable time to go to the gym 😀

I worked out a program before I went, which was going to consist of, Warm up, bench press, rows, deadlifts, clean and press, and squats. Followed by some trx core work.

lego deadlift
I must admit, I was not dressed like a storm trooper…although it would have been amusing!

It all started remarkably well…I wamed up onthe cross trainer, then staged an invasion into the freeweights area.

By which I mean I walked over to the bench press and started setting it up… It was the easiest invasion in history!

I started with supersets of Bench presses and Barbell rows, with one tiny interruption to fight off an invading hoard…

ok, not a hoard, a person who was attempting to steal the clip from my bench press…

I did:
Bench Press 1 x 5 @ 35kg, 4 x 5 @ 32.5 kg
Barbell Row 5 x 5 @35kg

After this I set up for deadlifts.

I started with 40kg, I thing the last time I did full dead lifts I used 30kg as I was nervous about the whole thing, so this time I thought 40kg would be a good step up. I did one lift and decided that 40kg was far too easy! So immediately upped it to 45kg 🙂 After 3 x 5 @45 kg I decided that these were not really enough of a  challenge, so upped the weight again to 50kg 😀

Advantage number 1 of this is the 15kg plates are grown up size so I no longer look like a wussy girl 😀

Advantage number two of this is the 15kg plates are grown up size so I can deadlift from lower calf height like normal people rather than ankle height like before!

I was not dressed like this either…

It was awesome! I like this game!

It was further awesomeised (yes it is a word…) by not being stopped and told how to deadlift by a member of staff 😀

and this is relevant as it happened to the two guys who were deadlifting next to me 😀

no I am not smug…not at all…

Ok I am a little bit… 😀

Next for clean and presses…

well../ next to attempt clean an presss, manage 1 x 5 @ 25 kg and realise that super awesome clean and presses straight after super awesome personal best deadlifts was not the greatest idea I had ever had…but I tried at least!

so all I had to do then was squats and core…easy right?

no…not so easy… In all the months I have been lifting in this gym I have never managed to use their squat rack…never! Friday was no exception 😦

I guy was using it, so I waited for a short while, he looked like he was nearly finished…but he kept doing one rep, then sitting on the bail-out bars, and faffing with his phone, then walking off and returning and repeating the whole process… annoying but fair enough…

I went to the trx and did 2 x 5 pike planks

then wondered back, the same guy was there, and he was unloading the bar! yeay!!!

no…not yeay… he faffed about a little more, then his friend who had just arrived in the gym walked up to the rack and took over, dismantling the squat part completely and sing the rack in its other transformer mode…a dip / pull up place!


I hadn’t been obvious enough about my waiting and had technically been on the trx when this process started so I had no claim 😦

Just as I was standing there with grumpy trying to decide what to do next face, a gym employee walked up and asked me if everything was ok…

he seemed very keen on introducing me to the wonders of core bags… I pointed out that core bags are annoying and bulky and only go up to 25kg when I wanted to squat 30 – 35 at least…but he was persistent and only patronising at first so I humored him, insisted on the 25kg bag when he tried to palm me off with 20kg and did 2 x 10 @ 25kg.

he conceded I knew what I was doing at this point.

I was right too…the 25kg core bag is not heavy enough for heavy squats and too bulky!

still…squat annoyance aside this was a very successful session and made me happy! Which is probably why I gave the trainee gym boy the benefit of the doubt and didn’t grump at him too much!

Gym awesomeness over for the day, I spent the rest of the evening crafting some wedding cake awesomeness!!

Wedding cake 😀
It looked like this!

I can tell you, a wedding cake brief that includes, black and white cats, horseshoes and daffodils is not the easiest thing to design without it looking crazy… but I think it turned out pretty well 😀


Daffs and a puss-cat!
I was particularly proud of the cat…I had never made a cat from icing before!

The whole thing was worth staying up until 1am to finish 🙂

Day 288 Complete 🙂

8 thoughts on “Days 288…I can deadlift 50kg and make pretty wedding cakes…

    1. they do take patience! I said after the first time I made them was never doing it again…then I ended up doing it again 😀

      hehe I like the term renaissance woman!

      It has only just occured to me that it is fairly odd to have a blog post about both lifting heavy things and making pretty cakes 😀
      I like to surprise people!


      1. exactly 🙂
        I don’t see any reason why I can’t do sewing and knitting and art and weight lifting and boxing and photography and running…

        apart form time…time is a problem…


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